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23 June, 2005

Some More Of My Art.

For those who have visited my old website, you might remember some of my old drawings and paintings. I've decided to place some of them here for people to have a perusal of them! :-) Picture of a Daffodil. One of my favourites. Daffodils are great to draw if you haven't tried drawing them before. Very interesting flowers. (They come out better than my roses! Bwahahaha!)

This is one of my NUDE drawings. (No, I didn't get undressed to draw it. You can catch a cold drawing nude!) :-) Anyway, the picture was drawn from a photograph. Any volunteers? ha ha! No one ever volunteers. Actually, that's not true. I have had volunteers before, but in most cases I am too shy to actually draw/paint nude people from real life. I prefer doing it from photographs for four reasons - 1. The light doesn't change on you. 2. The model doesn't develop cramp and suddenly have to move. 3. Less embarrassing for me. 4. Less embarrassing if I really stuff the picture up too! haha! (Fifth secret reason - less embarrassing if model is really UGLY!)

Yes, it's a Bear. Originally drew this as BEAR was a Nickname I got when I was 12 and it stuck with me. Actually, today Kylie said that Bear was a Nickname that suited me. She said she can see why people called me that.! Bwahahahahahahaa! Geeees, makes me feel like I might resemble a nice cuddly old bear in some ways. Recently a friend of mine pointed out that BEAR was a term used for a BIG HAIRY gay guy! Pttthhh! Thanks mate! :-) [NOTE: I am neither BIG, nor HAIRY, nor GAY ... and some people question if I am actually a guy. Last time I looked, I was!] :-)

There is an interesting story behind this painting. One of my old flatmates challenged me to see who could paint this picture first (I had it as a photo to begin with). Well, I finished before she even started. For those who remember my old site, I quite often talk about her, as she liked to put me down all the time. She refered to my art as "blobby people" and a few other put downs she'd thought of. Well, here is a painting which she was sure I'd never get done. She was done like a dogs dinner on that challenge! :-)

Anyway, I take a while to do my drawings and stuff. So if you do volunteer and send me something, like a photo of yourself, or someone, please note, it may take a small amount of time to get to it. Please, if you do want something done though, drop me a line. I also have some other projects in mind which involve modeling for specific things if you are feeling up to it. (NOTE - No, you DON'T have to model nude for me! Most of my projects do not involve nudity of any kind ... nudity is only ever done if YOU don't mind doing it ... and I agree to doing the drawing / painting. Believe me, it will be artistic.) :-)