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26 June, 2005

So Over This Country!!!!

Tomorrow I have my Passport Interview! It better go well. I am so over this country and I'm sick of the bureaucracy involved in getting anything done. At least the queues aren't always long. Just, in my case I am always getting rejections! Daggnammit! Well, I don't anticipate any problems with getting a passport, so it should be good. I'm also going to be buying my much needed luggage, and doinga few other things. One of the things I am going to be glad to leave behind is the power always being turned off. Yes, the Government says that electricity is a privilege and not a right - but they seem to forget that in the old days BEFORE electricity we were allowed to have COAL fires and a Coalman would deliver coal to yur door. If you coul dpay for it, you could heat your home! Yet in a supposedly modern city, we aren't allowed coal fires, nor coal - only electric heaters - which won't work as our power is always being switched off by the FRIGGIN' Government! Yes, in 1850 we would have bene safe, but in 2005 we have to freeze to death because of poor infrastructure planning on behalf of the Government. The other day we had a few power outs, including one when I was at work. Only, the ones we had at home really p***ed me off, as ONE of them BLEW MY VIDEO RECORDER! That's RIGHT! I now no longer have a video recorder as it NEVER CAME BACK ON WHEN THE POWER DID! Of course, the Government isn't going to pay for a new one for me! Apparently owning things like video recorders is a privilege and I should be happy that mine lasted as long as it did!!!!!!! I HATE THIS FRIGGIN' PLACE!!!!! We also had some problems with the oven - but my mother got it working again! All this sudden turning off all the power in the neighbourhood and then turning it back on is friggin' stupid! Either get the problem fixed or sack Western Power and the Government. Not the I think the new Government would be any good either. Their lack of foresight was one of the reasons we got into this situation in the first place! Last week I applied to do a Cert IV course and it was hit on the head. I have to go talk about it in a meeting tomorrow. I have a feeling that they don't want me spending the training credits the Government owe me! I am sick of having everything I try to do friggin' blocked here. How is an artist supposed to make any money if they are restrained from ever doing anything! No wonder the talented ones go overseas to get their projects made ... oh wait, guess what I am doing! Off to the UK! hope the Government is happy with the brain drain they are causing! Of course, once their new industrial relation laws come into effect, slave labour will be the only jobs available. Only the lucky will escape! Reminds me of the Dilbert Principle. In Scott Adams book, he said that the first people out of a company are the smart ones which know the ship is sinking. Guess where I won't be! On this sinking ship! It's a good book if you ever get to read it. A lot of what he talks abou tis what I've seen in real life. In fact, a thing he mentions is that a lot of people comment on his comic strip saying it's just liek their work. As he points out, no matter how ludicrious he tries to make the comic strip, there is a manager out there who has already implimented the ludicriously stupid idea. Oh well. I hoep I can figure out a way to fix the video recorder tomorrow. It still has a tape from the library stuck in it. A Ben Elton one! Very funny - well, half funny till I can liberate it from the machine! I just hope it doesn't need any firmware installed! I don't think it will. I think videos might be more robust ... well, I hope so! My mother had a double dose of Grandkids this week. First my sisters on Saturday morning, and then my brother's on Saturday night. I stayed away and played on the computer for most of it. Plust I have other things I needed to do - liek prepare for tomorrow and organise my trip! Still unsure as to which day is best to leave. Well, so much to do tomorrow - so little time to do it - so much crud to wade through to get out of this friggin' country!