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20 June, 2005

One of My Own Creations. A Dabido Burrito

The Dabido Burrito Let me introduce you to some innovative cooking. You'll have to bear with me, but this creation is actually quite tasty. It's sort of Western/Eastern/Mexican style. I'll explain. First let's start with ...
The Ingredients. The list includes - left over rice from an Eastern/Western creation I often cook. I cook this in a normal rice cooker. It includes rice, vegetables, turmeric, Oregano, and "medium all purpose spice mix". I go heavily on the turmeric, which gives it a sort of Indian flavour I think. I then chuck it in a fry pan, with some olive oil in it. To this I added the Mexican part of the meal. Refried Bean, HOT mexican Salsa, and some mushrooms ... because us vegetarians need all the vitamin B we can get. I normally add a cup of water too. [Ingredients we'll get to in a second include - cheese, sour cream, burrito wraps, salad]. How to Cook it I then fry them all up together. I use a mild heat. See how clean the cooking area is - no nasty splaters anywhere. Just enough heat to make it bubble and to get rid of excessive amounts of water. Towards the end of the heating phase, I add some cheese which I melt through the mix. Chuck it in a Burrito Now we grab the Burrito wraps, and stick our rice/bean mix on top. We mix in some salad to give it some nice colour, and some sour cream to give it more flavour. All Wrapped Up Then, we wrap it all up and EAT IT! Yum! Normally I like to ensure it has nicely layered flavours. You can taste the Turmeric, but you can also taste the Hot Salsa. The Sour cream takes the edge off it a bit (so you don't burn your tongue out of your mouth). It's funny, as it still has an Eastern/Mexican flavour, along with the added Western type of thing happening. The cheese is not allowed to be too over powering (It has to be there, but make it come across as a hint of cheese, not a hunk of cheese - if you get what I mean).