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09 June, 2005

This week

Well, had one of my bad turns earlier this week. Was vomiting on Monday. Tasted like Salt water. Tuesday, it degenerated to me vomiting blood again. My stomach was pretty badly upset. I haven't had that happen for a while. I was feeling really sick on Tuesday night, so I placed a bucket next to my bed just in case. Wasn't needed. Even though I spent hours on Monday and Tuesday night having trouble sleeping because of the reflux, sometime while I was asleep, it seemed to fix itself again. So I awoke feeling pretty good. Wednesday was an Okay day, but all this week, I wake up feeling Okay, and later in the day I start to feel really depressed. Spent some time typing my poetry into the computer. Ready to send to the publisher eventually. Hope they like poems to slit your wrists by. lol Actually, it's not all depressing. Anyway, went & did some voluntary work at PCYC today. Was a pretty slow day, till Kylie locked us out of the office (well, she left her key's in the office, I actually shut the door). That was pretty funny. Was phone dup by Hays IT and asked to come in for an interview tomorrow. We'll see how that pans out. Got home, and my mother had parked her car in the garage. I knocked on the door and asked her to move it forward, so I could reverse in. My mother came out, and instead of going forward, REVERSED! ARRRGGGHH! As I saw her car come hurtling towards mine, I screamed, "MUM! STOP!" Of course, she couldn't hear me! The other thing I did, was took my car out of reverse (I was ready to reverse up the driveway), and tried to get it into Drive before I was hit. Alas, I forgot I had the handbreak on!
Yes, my mother hit my car! She was apologising a lot for a few hours over it. There wasn't any damage done to either car. So it was okay. My mother told me not to tell my brother Jeff, as he might freak over it. She also thought that next time he scratches the car, he'd try to blame it on this incident. As I said to my mother, the important thing is nobody got hurt. (Not even my little Proton this time!) Phew! :-)