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23 June, 2005

Which Malaysian Blogger are You?

My Apologies to Jeff Ooi. I doubt I am in the same league as he is. Was interesting to take the test though. Actually, the description sounds pretty accurate of how I see myself. (And how some of my real life friends see me too). I guess the bit I need to add though, (to make it a little more personal), is - Dabido quite often stuffs up and makes a fool of himself. Usually, he will do this when not "acting the clown and making a fool of himself". Dabido tries his hardest, but sometimes his halo is either choking him or lost around his ankles. (He does his best. Be kind to the poor guy.) :-)

Congratulations Dabido, you are...

Jeff Ooi of www.jeffooi.com

You are humble, mild-mannered yet wise. Your knowledge is vast as an ocean, but when confronted with an issue you are passionate about you are tough as a mountain. You have an aura of style, quality, excellence surrounding you that cannot be denied. In a way, you are a rebel, but that's because you are always willing to help out your peers by challenging authority without asking much in return. People respect you. You are a natural born leader, people stop to listen when you speak, and follow you wherever you go. You also have a little bird.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?