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20 June, 2005

The Sleep Deprivation Conspiracy Continues!

Waaaah! I'll say that again in case you missed it - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Ah, that's better. Well, went to bed at about midnight last night (just after). Was awoken at 2 AM by my brother doing stuff ... then 4 AM (though my mother says it was 3 AM, as that's when she was woken up!) Then at 7 AM as my brother had missed his bus. Not sure how he missed it. He was out the door at 6:30 AM and was back just before 7 AM. Anyway, he then decided he was going to drive his small car to work. To get it out, he had to park my mother's car and mine on the front lawn! My mother quickly got me up in order to stop him driving in his car (which last time he used it had blown a gasket!) in order to get me to drive him after his bus. Well, I got to the front lawn, and my car had been left unlocked! [Thanks Jeff!!!!!] Jeff soon followed, but insisted that I didn't need to drive him up the road. I told him it was okay. I was driving him to the Carousel shopping centre where he could catch plenty of busses. It was 15 minutes up the road. Anyway, as we're driving along, and he's telling me I didn't have to drive him, he suddenly offers me twenty bucks to drive him to the city. I turned it down. I told him he'd be at the bus stop in plenty of time. We got to Carousel, and we saw his bus coming down the other road (I took a quicker route to the shopping centre). So he was able to get on and go to work okay. I then drove home. My mother then spent the next two hours complaining to me about the rest of the family. [Believe me, there are plenty of issues there!] I then had to have a quick shower and head down the road for a quick meeting. Got there, had the meeting, headed over the road to the shopping centre (yes, Carousel! Second time in one day, and all before lunch!) I went in search of some new shoes. My good ones are falling apart. Bloody $200 shoes! They actually started splitting shortly after I bought them ... now, three years later, they have really fallen apart. Got home, and my mother insisted that I watch "The Perfect Storm" with her. I'd seen it before at the movies. In all the excitement, I forgot to do a number of things today:
  1. Send out my resume to two job agencies [Have to update it first]
  2. Organise my passport interview
  3. Organise the Certificate IV course
  4. Everything else in my life!
  5. Exercise
  6. Take my stomach medication!
Well, I better get some things done. Other things I want to write about, but have to do some things first. Will probably write a second post tonight.