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27 June, 2005

Back into POBB mode!

Yep! I am POBB once again! Someone was hacking my ***** [Not computer, the ***** represents something easily hacked on the net! I won't elaborate much!] I have run around and changed my passwords everywhere. Why change my passwords? Well, in the first place, any password which might have been similar to my ***** one has been changed - just in case they hacked and got that. I'm not too worried about them reading the logs - as I never ever kept any! However, they are probably reading my address book. Not happy about that. I also know WHY they are reading my address book. They are trying to get the Address of one of my friends who doesn't want to be contacted by them. She's changed her Address three times already to avoid them! So maybe she'll need to do it again! This is really a case of Internet stalking by these people - which is a good enough reason for me to stop talking to them. In the meantime, I am going to change my ***** Address as well. I don't want a similar thing happening again. I just hope they don't contact her.
Anyway - more things happened today. Had a meeting this morning - it went too long and I arrived too late for a passport interview. Rather than wait the three hours, I decided I'd go back tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day - as Scarlet O'Hara would say! I did get myself the luggage I need for the UK though. I also had my training request hit on the head (which is what I suspected!) The reason - when I get a job that needs that training, then they'll give it to me! Funny, as you can't get a job which needs a Cert IV unless you have a Cert IV. I was a bit annoyed, as they tried telling me they'd already spent $840 of my training budget on me already. I asked how as I haven't had any training at all! I suspect the worst - that someone has absconded with it! Which means I'll never get to see a cent of it! Friggin' typical - and they wonder why I am leaving for the UK!!!!! Some wonderful news though - I couldn't find the fuse I needed to fix my Video recorder, but I chucked in a glass one - which hopefully won't blow out or anything - and IT WORKS! Woo Hoo! If I find aproper ceramic fuse later on, I'll swap them over - in the meantime, the glass one is working perfectly well. I also bought some coffee for my friend Lillian. She did some translation fo me into Chinese, and I promised her two coffee's whenI got to Malaysia. Unfortunately, I am not visiting Kuching (as my budget is still rather limited), so I have bought some gourmet coffee which I hope I can send to her. I'll do that when I visit the post office tomorrow for the passport interview!
Well, my mother is gloating tonight - on the TV show - Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, they asked the million dollar question - Which director has won the most Oscars - a. Frank Capra - b. John Ford - C. David Lean - D. Billy Wilder. Well, The guy on TV took the money, but he thought it was Frank Capra. WRONG. My mother thought it was John Ford - I didn't think so as I know he was mainly a Western Director, though I did know he'd won an oscar for The Grapes of Wrath (Actually, I also thought he won one for My Darling Clamintine - but I was wrong. At least he'd directed that!) I knew it wasn't David Lean - he'd won an oscar for Lawrence of Arabia - but I didn't know any others (Bridge on the River Kwai was his only other Oscar). I thought it was Billy Wilder, but only because I felt he'd worked in more genres than the other directors. (Though I thought he won an Oscar for Some Like It Hot - but he was only nominated!) Well, no one really knew, that's why the guy on TV took the money (Half a million! Woo hoo!) The answer was B. John Ford - and I haven't heard the last from my mother over it. Yes, the know-it-all in the family was beaten by my mother's guess. (Though she insists it was skill. I aske dher to name one film he'd directed - she couldn't! She didn't even know who it was - she just remembered the name! Geeeees, I knew all th names! I just tried to reason it out as best I could with the small amount of information that I knew!) Well, I got her back when the next contestant was on and she didn't know Japanese Theatre was called Noh Theatre. (As opposed to the other Japanese theatre - Kabuki Theatre! hee hee!) Actually, the answered offered were A. Nah, B. Nix, C. No and D. Nope! If they spelt it with the 'H' that is common in the English spelling of Noh Theatre, it might have been a dead give away. Anyway, I knew it was Noh theatre, with my favourite writer, Yukio Mishima having written and stared in his own Noh Theatre production. Back to trying to save the world I guess. So much to do - so little time to do it in! :-)