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17 June, 2005

Beyond Belief (POBB)

I've often stated that I have two emotions - P***ed Off Beyond Belief & Bored Beyond Belief! Tonight it is POBB! I just spent over an hour typing a FRIGGIN' post in, and then the stupid computer didn't post it! Yes, it was a Friggin' long post! It was all about yesterday and today ... told in painfully minute detail! So, maybe my computer was saving you all from a fate worse than Death. I'm not going to have time to type it all in again - but here goes attempt number two. Yesterday - Got up early, drove to work. On the way, some stupid woman in front of me didn't move when the Green Arrow came on to say we could turn right. I beeped at her, then the guy behind me, then the next person etc etc, till a long line of cars wanting to turn right were all beeping at her. (Actually, my car goes more 'er ... er' rather than beep. It's not a very exciting horn!) Well, eventually she got the hint and actually got her car moving. Had a good day at work. (I can't be bothered typing all the detail in again! That's something lost to the ages now! Stupid computer!) Got home. My mother tried telling me that my brother Jeff was scared about me going to the UK. Yet, as she talked, she kept talking about herself and her fears. So I mentioned to her that it seemed to me that she was talking about herself. Well, I did a one and a half hour run, and I had to stop. I thought I'd develped a blister on one of my toes. Instead, when I eventually took my shoe off, I'd ripped part of my toe nail out. Anyway, I can't be bothered typing this all out again (even if it was going to be a shodow of it's former self!) I'll continue tomorrow. Too cold to be sitting up at this hour, when I know I'm going to be woken up early tomorrow morning whether I want to be or not! bed time!