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22 May, 2006

Some of us are tired and going to bed soon!

Posted last nights post at 2AM or something (well,was about 2AM by the time I finished). The most difficult thing was, I thought of the story at about 8AM, but as we were looking after my nephews and stuff I didn't get on-line till late ... and then eventually got to write the thing, spelling mistakes and all! [Apologies to all those blogs I didn't comment on ... I read most of them, but was too tired!] Anyway, I'd been planning to write a morality/warning type thing for a while ... and it came out as a comedy ... and the 'black twin being taller than the white twin' thing was based on an old joke about two guys who couldn't tell their horses apart (yeah, totally unoriginal I know ... ), but the point pivoted around assumptions ... and let's face it, this silly story was obviously set somewhere with purple, green, blue, white and black people ... who would have thunk it! :-) But, seems to have gotten no reaction! lol I was sort of falling asleep while I was writing it ... hope that didn't make too much difference to the story ... but might have! lol I'll have to re-read it and edit it ... just no time to do that till Thursday I think! [Darn work!] Anyway, my hit count sky rocketed this week to about 50 hits per day!!!! [51 visitors with a total of 65 page views per day to be exact! w00t!] I suspect it had something to do with the LOTR send up. [I could be wrong]. So, I expect the hit count to decline rapidly as people realise there can't be a sequel ... that's right, no 'LOTR II - Return of Gollum'. Well, not yet. [You know, now that I've thought of it, it might just happen! lol] Another thing I was planning that might be special is a secret, so not sure whether to do it yet or not. Was planning on having a prize or two ... then decided maybe I shouldn't do it. lol Now you're probably curious as to what it was ... I can't help myself, I have too many ideas. Beleive it or not, when I woke up yesterday morning (with the Twin Tale in my head), I have abotu twenty different ideas I wanted to run with. Most of them I've now forgotten ... let's faceit, I'm one of these people who can't get everything down on paper quick enough ... and with the nephews here, I didn't have tiem to get anything down! Grrrr! lol I started on a Send Up of the Finnish Epic Poem Kavevala, but then thought, what if someone from Finland took it as an insult, after all, it is sort of their National Pride and full of their traditional myths. Not that I got through it, so nothing to post anyway. It's a pity most of the cultures from Scandinavia etc didn't have much writing, as I've always liked reading the Viking tales and Norse myths etc. So, none of those being sent up in the near future ... [but maybe some viking stuff possible later on].
Anyway, what have I been up to? Well, was mucking about with a lot of computer art stuff concerning misc things ... nothing exciting enough to post here. Just mainly inventing counters for games my brother Jeff and I want to create and play test etc. [Yes counters ... I'm talking board game shere, not computer ones]. :-) Looked after the nephews and stuff yesterday. My sister proudly announced that she'd bought my B'Day present the other day and it wasn't something on my list, but she claimed I would love it. I'm a little wary of people saying that, I normally find I unwrap the present and go 'um ... er ... ah ... thanks'. It's not that I'm ungrateful, just inspite of my tastes being rather obvious, people still manage to get things completely wrong. In fact, in the past I've been down right INSULTED by some of the things people have said I would 'love' and that were supposedly 'Me'. But, I'll wait and see. Sometimes, people do in fact get things 100% right ... so, benefit of the doubt till I unwrap it and go, 'um ... er ... ah ... thanks'. :-) I have a sneaking suspision the present might have something to do with Japan or Futurama ... in which case my sister may have done well. Played 'King Maker' against my brother Jeff. Was okay. I won ... but, you expect that from me! I tried to give him some hints, but he wanted to work it out himself ... maybe next time he'll listen. My mother was watching the football, and kept screaming for her team over the top of me trying to explain some of the rules to Jeff. It was quite annoying! Grrrr! The thing I find with Kingmaker though, is you really have to be opportunistic. Even though I often had plans to do one thing or another, when events caused certain things to suddenly landed in my lap, I just went with it. I think that flexibility lead to me winning the game by having enough votes in the House of Commons and House of Lords to actually VOTE Henry the IV in as rightfull King of England. [Geees, imagine if you didn't know I was talking about a game and you heard me say that! lol] I'm tempted to do another 'give me a topic and I'll write on anything' type thing again. OR, who wants to give me five Questions {as per the game from a year or so ago!}. YEAH, it means I will ask you five questions in return ... or something ... lol I'm tired, I think I'll go to bed! :-)