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13 May, 2006

13th today ... soon to be the 31st!

Yes, on the 31st of this month I turn forty one!!!! OLD OLD OLD! Still 18 days to go! Dont' panic and start wishing me happy B'Days yet! :-) My mother asked me whether I wanted my Birthday to be celebrated on the weekend BEFORE the 31st or the weekend AFTER ... I said After and she told me, 'No, we're having it before.' I'm like, 'Um, why did you bother asking if I didn't have a choice?' Yes, my mother had already made up her mind, but was hoping I'd chose the weekend she wanted. Which I didn't ... so, she immediately changed it. Grrrr! Then, I asked to see the BIG LIST I wrote out ages ago for things for people to buy me. It's six pages of stuff, and I wanted to delete the stuff they'd bought me for Xmas. I'm the only one in the family to have made a list like this, and whenever anyone elses B'day comes up, no one every knows WHAT to buy anyone else! It's stupid. Though, everyone admits that they should write out a big list like I do. Anywat, I asked my mother for the list last night, to make sure I didn't get a second copy of 'Starcraft' or a 'Cream: Gold' CD again. My mother then accused me of sneaking around, as she'd apparently got it out before to look at it, and that in her mind proved that I must have been sneaking around in order to have known she had my list ... which is silly, as shes ALWAYS had the copy of the list, and I can't change things on it without asking her to give it back to me! One of the problems I face though, is since buying my Cello, I really feel that I own every 'material' type thing that I would want ... I mean, as a kid you want lots of toys and stuff, but, I think the Cello filled up any void I had inside. I don't really feel a great urge to own anything else. Sure, they are things I'd like to have (thus the six page list), but, I don't feel that compulsion to want to posses any of them. Like, if I died tomorrow, it's not like I'm going to go, 'Geees, it would have been nice to own a Porche before I died,' because, to be honest, I really wouldn't care. So, what do I think my family might buy me this year? I really don't care as long as it is something off my list ... and if it isn't, then something thoughtful that I'm not going to go, 'Um .. er .. thanks' too. My EX in-laws were like that. I'd give them a huge list ... and they'd buy something totally stupid that I neither wanted or needed or was totally insulting to me! [Like the time they bought the Scientology book, WAAAH! Or the time they got me a Paranormal book after I said, 'No' to it ... or the time my Ex insisted on buying me a AUD$400 WATCH that she wanted and I kept telling her I didn't want ... but she wanted it, so she bought it for herself! Arrrrgh!] Anywat, those days are gone! [I hope], and my family normally sticks to my list, as it's nice and easy for them (as opposed to when everyone has to buy for them ...) Actually, I think the worst thing about buying for my family, is we ask them what they want, an they go, 'Oh, I don't know. Anything should be fine!' And we all know, that 'NO', anything isn't fine! Getting an answer as to what they want is like pulling teeth ... argh! Why can't everyone have a Big List like me?