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21 May, 2006

A Tale of Two Twins!

Once, there were two brothers, and they were twins. One was named Henry, and the other was named Zaphire. They lived in a Kingdom, where a beautiful princess lived. One day, as the Princess was passing (her name was Jade, just in case you were going to ask), Henry and Zaphire saw her and fell madly in love with her. Both would talk about her incessantly and they decided that one day one of them should marry her. As life would have it, this would never happen, as a strange incident occurred. The King was on his rounds, and decided to drop into his daughters room to see how she was doing. As he entered the room, a strange young man left the room. The King knew he was strange, as he wasn't wearing any clothes. In fact, he did have a large bundle of clothes, but he was holding them in front of him, and the King could clearly see his bottom and everything. Having not seen the mans face, the King decided to call his guards. The guards gathered and went in search of this strange man. It did not take long {about four weeks} before the King realised that maybe a little hanky panky had been going on behind his back with this man and his daughter. Luckily, one of the guards had seen the man leaping over the wall. The guard did not know the man personally, but he did know the man was a twin. So, off into the city the guards went, and they grabbed Henry and Zaphire and brought them to the King. 'Which of these two men was it that came and seduced you, my daughter?' he asked the Princess. 'I am unsure father, because after all, they are twins.' This was true, and it stumped the King no end. He then decided that the best thing to do, was to take the twins to the dungeon and torture them to get a confession. Alas, it was discovered that both of the twins admitted to the crime. As the incident had only happened once (as the King had posted extra guards), it could only have been one of them, so the King knew immediately that some other method was needed to see who they were. The King called for his wise men, 'Wise men,' he said. 'I need to know which of these two twins seduced my daughter and de-flowered her. How can we find the one who is telling the truth?' 'Well,' said Shaliwoodle (one of the wisemen). 'As you yourself saw the man naked from behind, I suggest we strip both of them down and have you look at them.' So, the guards brought the men to the King, turned them so their backs faced the King, and striped them of their clothes. Alas the King did not know which of them did it as they looked the same to him. 'I have an idea,' said Gabbogglewoggle (another wiseman). 'How about if your daughter has a good look at each of them, as she obviously saw the man naked.' So it was that the King had the Princess come in and examine both of the twins. Alas, she also could not tell them apart. The King decided to execute them both just to make sure that the guilty party was killed. He gave them a week to see if one of them would admit he had lied to begin with, if so, the innocent one would be spared. Alas, neither twin would renounce his confession. After the execution Ooooglebottle (the coffin maker), meassured the height of the two twins in order to make their coffins. He discovered that Henry the black twin, was in fact a foot taller than Zaphire the white twin! It amazed the entire kingdom. You might be very sad at hearing that tale, but there is a moral to the story, you see, neither brother wanted to see his twin executed, so they both confessed to the deed. There was only one problem with this, Princess Jade was in fact seeing a twin, but it wasn't either Henry or Zaphire. It was in fact Zonk, who had a twin brother Zarkou. These brothers were a lot easy for the Princess to tell apart, as Zonk, the blue one had three arms, while Zarkou the green one had eight tenticles. During all the commotion of the King trying to get a confession, Princess jade ran off with Zonk to live happily ever after. So there was in fact a happy ending of sorts. Just remember, it's amazing how many people quite often miss the obvious and end up executing the wrong people. It's also amazing how many people will lie because they think they are doing the right thing. It's also amazing to see a blue three armed alien humping a purple six breasted Princess ... but I forgot where I left the link to that site ... you'll have to google for it. Now, don't you love me even more for telling you that tale? :-)