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15 May, 2006

Why Lie?

Today I stood on my brothers scales and broke them. No, not because I am so FAT!!! lol I was reaching for some bottled water on top of my pantry cupboard, and the scales were at the base. As I went to get teh water, I accidentally stood on the scales ... right on the plastic window bit ... and they cracked and broke! OUCH! I then told me mother, who immediately said, 'Oh, we'll tell Jeff that one of the kids broke them on the weekend.' I replied, 'Why? I broke them, it's not like I'm not old enough to take responsibilty for it.' She kept insisting that we tell Jeff it was the kids! WHY? WHY? WHY? What's the point in lying? If he wants them replaced, they were only cheap things anyway. I can afford to replace them! Besides, I only broke the plastic, they still actually work as scales. Why lie and pretend I didn't break them!??? It's not right ... and why blame the kids? They break enough things and get into trouble for it WITHOUT blaming them for more stuff!!! To me, it's simple! I broke them, I take responsibilty and buy new ones! Why is that so hard for my mother to accept???? It's weird!!!!! Anyway, I've decided to tell him as soon as he arrives home!