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03 June, 2005

Five Questions Game - Episode VII - Jedi does Dallas

Five Questions - Episode VII - Jedi does Dallas Questions from Fuckstress: 1. Why do I blog? I used to keep a Diary. Keeping a Blog isn't much different, except maybe I don't get as personal as I do in the diary. It's also a way to express myself. Between my music / songwriting / art [paint, draw] / writing / poetry etc, it's just another outlet for my creativity (or lack there of!) :-) 2. If you had no other choice, and were to choose between being Bush or Hitler - who would you rather be? Why? Bush. He's dumb, and I think a front for a lot of other people who are pulling the strings, but I'm sure that he's not as bad as Adolph was. (But I may be proven wrong on that eventually). I guess he's the lesser of two evils. For now anyway. Fingers crossed! 3. If you were an animal, what would it be. Why? Hmmm, my nicknames have been Dog, Bear, Neko (Cat), Kuma (also a bear). But mainly I've been known as Bear (and some people who know me as that still don't know my real name!) Of course, Human is also an animal. I've always liked Dolphins. Dolphins are related to dogs in a very distance sort of a way (being descended from Land Canines). Maybe I should mix them all ... a dogphin-catbear. ??? Maybe I could be Mr Teenie (Krusty the Clowns monkey from the Simpsons) he seems to have it good. So Mr Teenie the monkey! Yep! That's the animal for me. :-) Otherwise, maybe a Panda. They keep them in captivity and try to force them to have sex! I'd be in on that! Yes, send me more females! :-) 4. Rapists should be castrated. Agree? yes/no? Why? No. They've tried castrating rapists before and it doesn't stop their sexual urges. (Sex happens in the brain). I can only imagine it creating more frustration for them, which will come out of them in other violent acts. I think trying to fix them is the way to go (but not nessecarily letting them out of prison though). I think rape is horrific, and it shouldn't be tolerated, but castration doesn't seem to be an answer. More young males need to be educated to stop rape, and those who have chemical problems in their heads need to be found and fixed medically before they commit a crime. There is also the problem of people being found guilty of rape who are later found to be innocent. I remember a case in the US where a girl accused some guy of rape, and he was given life in prison. Years later she admitted she'd lied. The US system wouldn't let him out, as it couldn't over turn his conviction (or wouldn't). Imagine that poor guy (and other's) if they'd been wrongfully castrated. It would be a crime against them. (The bad karma would rest on all of us!) But, getting back to the rape - society needs to do more to find the cause of these actions, and use methods to stop rape from occurring. In the meantime, locking them up, I think, is the best method for keeping them off the streets. I'd hate to release a Castrated Rapist thinking they'd be harmless to society, when they're just waiting to cause more trouble in different ways. Famous case in US, where old film star Fatty Arbuckle couldn't get his up, so he penetrated a woman with a champaign bottle which caused massive hemorage, and she died. It was rape, but even if he'd been castrated, he could still have committed that crime. Sad thing is, he got away with it. I think castration may cause enough psychological problems that they'd end up doing Fatty Arbuckle type crimes. 5. Men has it easier than women. Agree? yes/no? Why? Yes, definitely. Men get paid more for the same work. We don't have to put up with periods every month and other problems. We don't get discriminated against as much as women in the workplace, or in societies. Most societies are Male dominated. There isn't a society on earth that I know of which demands men wear coverings from head to foot, but some women have to suffer that humiliation. Child birth isn't painful to us, we don't have to do it! Our part in it just involves us having fun! :-) I could continue. I am sure there are small pockets of discrimination against men in some things, (like they won't let me play womens soccer ... I just want to change shirts after the match!) ;-) But all in all, it is very rare that a man is discriminated against because of his sex. Even if all things were eventually equal (equal pay, equal opportunity etc etc), the women would still have to give birth and get periods.
Five Questions from KY: 1: compare malaysia and aussie, if you have a chance, would you migrate to malaysia? and why? we're having so much fun here. Yes, I would consider it. Why ... you answered the question, you're having so much fun there! I could probably make my Superannuation go a lot further than it would in Aussie too. Could become a retirement plan! :-) Also, Asian women are so HOT! [HOT HOT HOT!!!!!] :-) (I tell you a little secret. Shhhh, don't tell anyone else!) My passion for asian ladies started when I was in Penang. I was about five or six years old. I was watching the lotto draw (or Keno or whatever it was). And I thought to myself, "All those women are so beautiful." [Not realising that they were all models.] Back then, they'd get each woman to take a ball drawn from a wire cage and they'd come to the camera and hold it up and say the number. Also, I had a big crush on my baby sitter. She was about ten (and I was about five or six - woohoo older woman!). It was our Ahma's daughter and her name was Helen. I admit I went through a phase when I also liked Blondes for a while, but it only lasted during my horny teenage years. I always had a preference for Asians & Brunettes though. 2: what's the thing you regret most in the past 40 years? Giving up my music career whenI was studio musician. They said I could have been charging AUD$1000 an hour at the time (and that was back in 1987-8). Damn I was good! Now I only have the memory and the "when I was a musician" stories. It sometimes impresses. :-) Not giving it up would have also meant my GF at the time would have left me (she later became the wife .. and then ex-wife) - I could have saved myself a lot of heart ache following the career I should have. 3: no more sex for the rest of your life, or no more computers? choose one. Isn't it the same thing ... computers closest I get to having sex! I think I could manage either of those. Making a decision, no more computers. Studies have shown that the one thing which makes people happiest on earth (whether rich or poor or middleclass), is SEX! SEX! SEX! - so keeping that might make me happier (if I ever get any ever again!) :-) 4: if you are drafted to serve in iraq to be a soldier, what would you think, and do? I'd become a Medic. I always thought if I had to serve anywhere, I would not carry a weapon, but rather I would try to save peoples lives. Killing is just wrong. 5: eat a monkey or eat a dog? Neither, I am allergic to most meats. (Pig will give me Anaphalactic shock - instant death!) So, unless you make the monkey or dog out of vegetables, I can't eat them. If I had to choose between them and I could eat them, probably a dog. My best friend Rizaldy is from the Phillipines, and he's eaten dog, and he says it's yummy. Monkeys are too closely related to us, being primates!
As per the rule 4 ... here are the rules: The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on) 1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.” 2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different. 3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions. 4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.