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17 May, 2006

Finally!!! Phew!

You know something, it's funny how it's like pulling teeth with some people in order to get an answer, or the right thing done. As you may have read yesterday, after weeks of trying to get some sort of answer from Bradford Exchange in Australia regarding a committment that they will replace my mother's 'Panorama' if lost in transit when returned, I sent an e-mail off to the US in order to try to get something done. The US company replied to me within two hours assuring me of their commitment to replace the item if lost in transit! WHY COULDN'T THE AUSTRALIAN COMPANY DO THE SAME THING???? WHY DID THEY KEEP IGNORING MY CONCERNS!!!!? Well, not sure if the US did some speaking to the Australian company, but this morning, after WEEKS of going through this crap, I finally got an e-mail answering my question ... yes, they will replace the item if lost in transit! FRIGGIN' FINALLY!!!! KUDOS to the US company for customer committment. In fact, I just checked the date on the FIRST e-mail to the Australian company, and it was TWO MONTHS AGO!!!! So, it's taken two months (so far) to get the answer we needed from the Australian company, and two hours from the US. Like, geeeees! How friggin' annoying!!!! Anyway, now we have to send the item back in order to get a correct one sent to us ... so not sure how long that's going to take, but it better be less than a friggin' year or two!!!! I'll be glad when my mother finally has what she ordered! At least we don't have to drag them off to small claims court or anything. PHEW!