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16 May, 2006


It's hard dealing with people sometimes! Finally got ANOTHER response from stupid Bradford Exchange regarding us sending their product back to get the 'correct' product [ie one with an Australian Adaptor]. They still refuse to pay for the 'insurance' and won't guarantee that they'll replace the item if it gets 'lost in transit'! They just keep saying to us 'send it back'. Well, I've sent off another e-mail, bascially saying to them, either give us a guarantee or send us the adaptor as you promised us in the first place. It seems they don't want to take any responsibilty for their own mistakes. So, we're left with a dilema - either we send it back, and if it doesn't get there we are left with NOTHING, which doesn't bother the company at all (says a lot about how much they value their customers), or else we're going to be forced to take them to small claims court. It doesn't really matter. My mother and I have got so fed up with their complete incompetence that she's never ordering anything from them again. I hope their American partners are happy with that outcome, as my mother usually buys a lot of stupid crap like that! Anyway, that's hundreds or even thousands of dollars they've lost, plus any sales lost due to the bad will they've created with us! [Yes, I believe in spreading the word on bad treatment I receive from companies ... and so should YOU!] Anyway, I've sent an e-mail off to their US office (as well), in the hope that it will make something happen! Let's face it, I've learnt over the years to start going over peoples heads when they start to play dumb or won't answer simple questions! My advice, if you don't want the stress, just don't buy anything from this company. It really hasn't been worth it ... all this crap just because they didn't supply us with the right product to begin with ... I honestly think they're putting me through this in the hope that I'll give up and just buy my own adaptor ... but you know what, that just makes me more determined to see this through to the end!!! Grrrrrr~! I really have developed a hate for this company. I think next time I see one of their adverts, I'm going to puke on it!