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16 May, 2006

Interview With Suanie

My Second Blog Interview with a Femes Blogger! Tonights guest has been in The Star Newspaper, blogging for years and is considered one of the funniest peoples around the Malaysian Blogsphere. Please, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to tonights interviewee the wonderful Suan. *APPLAUSE* 1. Do you perceive your on-line personality to be different from your off-line personality? If so, how are they different. Different to a degree. A lot of people mentioned that I am quieter in real life, which is quite true. But it is not surprising because: a) no one can talk continuously in real life (except for some people I know) -- when you blog, you have time to think and phrase your sentences/words properly. It is like reading a book and watching a movie with the same title. If you include everything from LOTR into the movie, you are going to end up with hours and hours and hours and hours of film. b) I am much quieter with selected people ;) 2. Have your friends perceived your on-line and off-line personalities to be different? If so, how? Same thing as #1. 3. Which other bloggers have inspired you in the blogsphere? No one. I am le greatest. Ph33r. 4. Have any other people outside of the blogsphere been influential in your life, and if so how? My mom? Erm... cos she gave birth to me. That's got to be inspiring. 5. Do you have any advice for young (or newbie) writers who are thinking of starting their own blog? Don't. Unless: a) you reallyx10000 want to b) you are committed to updating it regularly c) in reference to (b), unless you don't mind 2 readers a month d) you have an angle different from other bloggers e) in reference to (d), unless you just want to remain a daily grind blogger and... a) use a pseudonym if you think you are going to work in an international corporation later in your life b) sometimes some things are better left unblogged c) glhf 6. What do you perceive to be the best thing about the blogsphere? google adsense 7. What do you perceive to be the worst thing about the blogsphere? google adsense 8. When writing a blog post, do you normally plan what you are going to write in advance, or do you just write and let the subject carry you? Depends. I work both ways. Sometimes I write long posts in under half an hour, sometimes I take weeks or months, ultimately deleting them because the content wasn't fresh anymore. 9. Your readers (I mean your loyal ones who keep coming back) obviously relate in some form to your writing, what do you think keeps them coming back for more? My greatness? 10. If you could have ANY dream job in the world, what would it be? high ranking microsoft peon 11. What do you look for in the blogs you read? [About how many do you read each day?] Up to 20 a day if I had nothing better to do. They are usually my real life friends' blogs , or the selected few daily must-reads. 12. Is it better for a blogger to write on social issues, or to write on personal issues? Depends on the individual? I just wish that bloggers who write on social issues would take better care at protecting their own asses. Contrary to their Americanised MTV influenced culture, the world is not their oyster. Take one or two wrong steps and things might get heated up. Though most of them do not realise this... 13. What is your favourite hobby/past-time? Blogging. Lol. 14. Is it better to party hard till you drop, or have a relaxing evening with good friends? These days, relaxing evening with good friends, though I don't mind the partying once in a while. Creaky bones, you know. 15. I asked you a while ago about people whom you thought should get together (you might have to go through your archives to see what you said - I think it was your post 'Ask me anything' or something along those lines), have any of those predictions come true, and do you still hold to those which haven't? Do you have any more predictions related to any other relationships which may happen? No. Are you crazy? Hahahaha. Dabido: Of course I'm crazy! Don't you remember when we escaped from the asylum together? :-D Actually, I take it you may have got into some trouble over the last prediction ... but I thought they were cute hee hee! :-) On that note, we'll have to say farewell for tonight. Thanks for being interviewed. Audience, please thank the wonderful Suan. *APPLAUSE*