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14 May, 2006

FA Cup - Mothers Day

Last night was the FA cup. It's probably the only sporting event other than the Superbowl that I actually go out of my way to watch. Any other sporting event I really don't pay that much attention to. So, we tuned it ... West Ham Versus Liverpool. Now, my mother and I are both Tottenham fans (and so is my Nana), my Grandfather was a Chelsea fan, so he'd be happy with the way they're going this year [top of the table], while Tottenham is having a good year too, being fifth at present (we have been up to third spot, possibly even second, but I wasn't paying that much attention!) Anywat, we then had to decide which team we were going to go for ... so I chose 'Liverpool' for two reasons. First, one of my old flatmates was a HUGE Liverpool fan, and as such, when we flatted together we'd watch the soccer everyweek, and so I'd get into the Liverpool fever as well. After all, they were also doiong really good. Plus, I used to play soccer for a team that had Liverpools colours, and the Liverpool fans would come watch us play and cheer for us. Second, due to my flatmate, I ended up buying a Liverpool jersey when I bought my Tottenham one, as Liverpool had become my second team ... so I had the jersey to wear for the game ... and I wore it! w00t! My mother on the other hand decided to go for West Ham as they're an Essex team, and my mother always goes for teams in this order: Tottenham Hot Spurs, London Teams, Southern Teams. Basically, the MOST SOUTHERN team playing when no Londond teams are involved. Yes, this means that she'd go for Arsenal [Tottenham's main rivals] over any team outside of London. Well, my mother was sort of in my face over the Liverpool thing when West Ham were ahead ... and she'd really rub it in. When Liverpool started to make it's comebacks here and there, she kept accusing me of 'wanting to rub it in' and claiemd I was going to do it all today if they win. I fell she does this to justify her own behaviour, as I never rub things like this in. Anyway, long story short, Liverpool ended up winning in the penalty shoot out. It was a great game, and all Kudos to West Ham, as they never followed at any time in the match. They were either ahead, or level. I know a few fans of the Irons, and they'd be pretty disappointed that they didn't win in the end. At one stage, my mother tried to convince me NOT to go for Liverpool, and she tried to convince me that my elder brother Garry (whose team is Leeds) was a Liverpool fan. It's like, 'No mum! We used to play for a team with Liverpool colours, he's NOT a Liverpool fan.' Anyway, she refused to phone him to confirm (as she knew she was lying, or at least mistaken). Anyway, she spoke to him today (mother's day) and I haven't heard anything since! ;-)
Mother's day today. My brother Jeff and I bought her 'Harry Potter and the Gobful of Fire!' DVD ;-) [No, I just renamed the movie for a laugh. Next movie, 'Harry Potter and the Order Me a Pheonix in a White Wine Sauce!'] :-) My sister bought her the Narnia DVD, which upset my mother a little, as she's seen the movie, and didn't think much of it ... my brother Paul's family bought a CD 'Il Divo' or something ... I didn't get a good look. Anywat, they arrived, we went got soem takeaway, and then less than two hours after arriving they all left. My mother was very upset, as they'd obviously planned it to spend as little time as possible here. Both families arrived at the same time, then left! My mother was in tears, as they always use her to look after their kids when they need her, but won't spend time with her at Xmas, her B'day or mother's day. It's sort of like they turn up, decide that they've done their 'obligatory visit' and leave ASAP. As my mother said, the visits get shorter and this one was the shortest yet. It didn't bother me too much. My mother also blasted my elder brother for not phoning ... but fortunately for him he did phone! Actually, my mother [after blasting him and before the phone call], was talking about moving to Adelaide, as she felt she might get some better treatment from him and his family than she does here. At the end of the day, I'm often left wonderig if I should just pack up and move back to Sydney. I was given the impression if I returned to Perth I'd be welcome here, but my mother treats me the same way she complains about the rest of the family treating her ... I'm bascially ignored till needed. I think I take it all in a bit better. After all, I don't really care that much what they think ... I've been pretty independent most of my life, and my move to Perth has practically been a nightmare of sorts. I thin it's better for me though, my mother takes it very personally, while I just see it as an extension of the way they've always treated me all my life. In fact, last night my mother tried claiming I ran away from home! I'm friggin' pissed off that my parents yelled and scremed at me to get out when I was nineteen, and when I did they call it, 'David Ran Away', and they try to twist it to make it seem like they are 100% innocent and everything! I think THAT is the crux of a lot of my problems in life, my parents pushing me into things or pushing me out, and then absolving themselves of any responsibility. I think that's why I'd like to be back in Sydney. At least one my own, I can make my own decisions, my own mistakes, and I can own them ... where as here my mother manipulates things and changes history to make herself seem pure as snow, and blame everyone else. [My fathers not around, but he used to do the same thing]. Anyway, living away from my family was so much better than livin in Perth ... Not that it matters ... time to make the most of what I have and use it to propel myself up the life ladder I guess. Learn from my mistake (of moving back here) and try to make a move in future to somewhere else. Yeah, I'm rambling a bit ... lol Doesn't matter! :-)