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22 May, 2006

Ask Me 5 Questions Already!!!

I'm still looking for more 'give me a topic and I'll write on anything' topics. So far have a request form Ashish to do a Harry Potter send up. Will get to it after the weekend I think, as have so much work on tomorrow and Wednesday. I wasn't sure they were going to let me out of there today! lol ALSO, still looking for anyone brave enough to give me five Questions {as per the game from a year or so ago!}. [I'm looking at YOU Titoki!!! Cause we never swapped five questions a year ago ...] :-) Yes, the rules say I will ask five questions in return ... I guess that's what's scaring everyone! lol Oh, and they asked if I want to apply for the 'Managers Position' coming up today. Worth AUD$55,000 or something. lol Funny, as when they suggested I apply for the position, I asked ,'What is it?', meaning, what's the position entail, and they told me what it earns! lol Guess they think I'm in it for the money! lol Anyway, I'm seriously thinking about it. Would probably mean packin gup the business, but would also mean I could have holidays for once! :-) Weird thing happened today too, I ran into my business mentor while getting lunch! WOW! And he's going to phone me for a meeting later this week. Apparently, he's moving to a different company, and I am possibly going to be assigned a new mentor! WOW! People moving! Had a good talk to him and everything, actually thought he was going to tell me that he was going to retire or something! lol My mother was being a bit of an idiot tonight. She'd say something, and if I corrected her she'd pretend that was waht she was saying, or she'd pretend I was claiming something wasn't so. It all started when we had a discussion about diet (as she'd seen something on TV about it), and I reminded her I'd told her about that three or so years ago ... and so she and my brother kept talking over me as I was trying to explain it, and she pretended that I was being argumentative on purpose and not listening to her, and walked off in a huff ... grrrrr! I hate when that happens. I'm sure my family are 50% crazy, 49% insane and the other 1% has run away scared. :-)