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05 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - Part Three


Her sisters Hippofacia, and Hypercondria decided to visit her. Eros arranged for the West Wind Zephyr to bring them to the palace during the day. Upon seeing the palace and learning the fact that Psyche was pregnant, they both became very jealous and decided to ruin it for Psyche.

'Wow, this palace is enormous,' said Hippofacia. 'Yes, yes it is,' agreed Psyche. 'Anyway, I didn't want to bring it up, but we've heard your husband is a horrible serpent,' blurted Hypercondria. 'Well, Dad was told about that when he married me off,' replied Psyche. 'So, this enormous palace you live in is funded by ill gotten gains from a horrible, horrible serpent who kills and eats people and steals their money.' 'Oh, I'm sure he doesn't eat people and steal money. He's very nice. He's just ... you know, ugly.' 'Oh, peoples outwards appearances always reflects their true insides,' said Hippofacia. 'Really? Dad says you look as ugly as a horse!' This cut both of her sisters to the quick. Hypercondria was first to recover. 'Look, we've brought you this humongous sword to cut his head off with. So, tonight, just do it and save all those people from being eaten and robbed.'

Psyche still didn't believe them.

'We also heard a rumour that once you have your child he plans to eat you both,' said Hippofacia.

This confounded Psyche, so as proof, Hippofacia leapt off a nearby cliff to prove her sincerity. She of course knew that Eros had given instructions to Zephyr not to let any harm come to any of them. Zephyr had to act quickly and saved Hippofacia from dying, bringing her gently to the ground. Then Hypercondria did the same, and Zephyr was forced to save her as well. Seeing what she thought was the sincerity of her sisters, Psyche then believed what they had told her. So that night, with the sword hidden under her pillow, Psyche rested on the bed next to her husband. She had smuggled more than the sword into the room though. She had also brought an oil lamp, as she had decided that she couldn't bring herself to kill her husband, as she truly loved him. She did, however decide that if she loved him, she could do so regardless of what he looked like, and as such she was going to look upon him. So, she took the lamp and lit it. The room filled with a yellow light, and she turned to gaze upon her husband. Instead of the ugly serpent she had been told was there, instead she saw the beautiful masculine body of Eros, the son of Aphrodite.

'What a super hunk!' she exclaimed, unable to believe her luck.

She was so in awe of his beauty that she let the oil lamp slip, and the burning oil slipped out and landed on him. [Fortunately missing his manly bits, otherwise this would turn into a tragedy]. Eros awoke with a start from the burning oil. This was worse than his date with Madonna and the candle wax!!! He immediately realised that Psyche had seen him, and raced out of the palace. 'Come back my love,' cried Psyche. 'Never,' replied Eros. 'There is no love without trust, dudette. Plus, this burns a total mullering man!' Eros raced off to his mother Aphrodite, who discovered what had happened. Aphrodite locked Eros in a room in order to care for him, and to keep him away from Psyche.