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02 June, 2006

When is BIG Too Big?

One of my friends sent me these images over the internet (actually, they were a collection of photo's ranging from a motorcycle that had hit a small car to a baseball bat in mid air that had broken at a game and was flying towards the crowd etc etc etc etc etc etc etc) Anyway, amongst those photo's were these three which I think illustrate a point I keep making on several peoples sites about when TOO MUCH is TOO MUCH. So, when I hear people complaining about their boobs not being big enough, I just remind them of people like these. Whether this girl likes it or not, her boobs are WAY too big. If she ever has children, they'll never be able to finish all that!!! Talk about punishment! Finish your dinner or no desert!!! These basketballs are almost at her waist-line already! In ten years, they'll be at her knees, and ten years later, people will trip over them on the street. Now, some guy might think he is lucky to have a girl with playthings this big, but not me ... give me something I don't feel the urge to bounce and throw through a hoop! Here we have three girls demonstrating some different sizes. Ones on the left are fine. Ones on the right, probably a little on the large size, but still managable for the normal man. Ones in the middle ... OMGoodness, get them off me, I can't breath!!!! No cowgirl position for her, my face can't take the beating any more! The guys at work are getting suspiscious when I keep telling them my black eyes are because I walked into a door ... every night!!!! This photo also illustrates the relative positions of WHERE boobs should be ... notice, the more normal sized ones are on the chest ... the middle pair are well and truly on the girls stomach. They've reached belly button level and are descending!!! Some guys might think these ones are more managable and everything, but note, these things are heading south. They've already arrived in Florida and might soon hit Central America and then South America! I'm talking about them hitting the Brazilian zone and then more! Obviously they'll probably hold up a lot better than the other examples above. Still, if you are a girl, and are envious over any of the sizes above, I'd ask you not to be. If a guy only likes you for the size of your boobs, then I feel sorry for them. Yes, talk to the girls face, not her boobs, else you may end up with something you don't want. I think I'm pretty safe in thinking that the top two are 'un-natural', while the bottom set may or may not be enhanced. In all these cases, I think the girls didn't need any cosmetic enhancements, as they seem to have pretty enough faces. [I could be wrong, they might all be natural, as the world record for largest 'natural' breasts on a woman are 56WW in size!] In most cases ones these size are normally enhanced. If someone doesn't like you for being you, then don't go getting plastic surgury, unless there is some possible health problems which may arise from something physical you might have. [Like, I can understand someone getting a breast reduction in order to stop the back problems and other health risks involved with SUPER DUPER LARGE BREASTS!] So, hopefully that illustrates the point I keep trying to make to people regarding their 'my boobs aren't big enough' talks. If you are truely sorry that the lord didn't give you BABABABABABOOOOZAKS for breasts, then try to remember to concentrate on developing your personality. I think you'd be pretty happy with a man who likes you for being YOU and not one who likes you for the size of your boobs.