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31 May, 2006

What I got for being 41 years old.

Well, as per my previous post today, I turned 41. My mother was slightly upset that NO ONE from my family phoned to wish me a happy B'Day! In fact, the only B'Day wishes were here on the web (two eCards, three comments and one e-mail!) Darn, aren't I popular now! lol Anyway, not to worry. The lack of B'Day well wishes was more upsetting to my mother than it was for me. I was used to being in Sydney by myself anyway (and those blighters in my family seldom phoned me then, so no real difference!) :-) BUT, in case any of you are wondering what I received, I got these DVD's. The Pink Floyd one off my mother and the U2 one off my youngest brother Jeff. U2 Go Home - Live at Slane Castle. Pink Floyd: Classic Albums Dark Side of the Moon. When my mother bought it, she walked into the store with a big list (my six page list of things I want) and apparently the guy behind the counter had a good read and said I had excellent taste in music!!! Of Course I have excellent taste in music, I'm a friggin' musician!!! :-) A Friggin' REAL ONE!!! [Well, was a real one! lol] ANyway, I'll update everyone on what I did today. Got up - put my washing on. Took my mother shopping [mainly for her stuff as well as nibblies and drinks for my B'day!] Got home, read the usual blogs. Wrote a little. Spent time with my mother. Brother got home, spent time with my mother and brother. It's funny that the only thing I really did today that I wanted to do was read the usual blogs and write a little. Anyway, my mother and brother started arguing and stuff! Started to drive me nuts! NUTS! NUTS!!!!! Then, we had some cake. Then, we sat down and watched the Pink Floyd DVD [which I hadn't wanted to do, as I wanted to write the next Perry Pooter installment, but my mother was all for my 'enjoying' my B'day, so I had to do what she said! :-)] But, being a huge Floyd fan I didn't mind, except I felt I was letting down my loyal readers! [Yes, there are somewhere between 20 to 50 of you! Don't pretend you're not there! I can hear you breathing!!! Either that or I've punctured my ear drums!!!] :-) Anywat, spent time with the family ... finally got back on here to explain WHY I haven't updated Perry Pooter [so sorry guys! Wasn't meaning to let you down!] Hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow, but am off to do some work ... so I hope it doesn't stop me getting it written up! :-)
Here is an update on my whinging for other things I've done over the last week or so. Some might remember how I broke the axe handle last year while cutting wood. Did the same thing to the splitter this year! Another handle bites the dust!!! Anyway, chopped wood on the weekend. We had the new lounge arrive, only, it has one chair with a wobbley back [but doesn't seem to be going to effect it too much], and the thing is TALLER than what we ordered from the store! We went out of our way to get a shorter style lounge and matching chairs for my mother who didn't like all the tall ones. So, we now have a tall one where m mother can't touch the floor properly, and the head rests are higher than we wanted! It was also supposed to be built with Jarrah, but we've noticed it's almost all pine!!! Oh well, still came with the same guarantee and everything. We've decided to keep it and not complain to the manufacturer, as we think we can live with it. Also, no matter how much rat sack and mouse traps we put down, we can't seem to destroy those friggin' mice around the house!!!! It's not bad I guess, but would prefer to live in a rodent free environment. My brother and I were surfing the internet the other day. My mother walked in and asked what we were surfing for. My brother Jeff jokingly said, 'David's looking for Japanese girls.' My mother replied, 'More like Japanese boys!' Yes, the stupid FRIGGIN' belief that I am gay continues in this family!!!! The music thing I was going to organise has been halted. I've been told that orders from higher up has put a close to that idea ... so, no more friggin' bands or anything to book. Guess it lets me concentrate on getting other things done. Was given instruction to get my 'HTML' and 'GIMP' course proposals together by Tuesday. Also spoke a little about organising an 'Open Office' course, so that's also been added to the proposal I need to put forward on Tuesday! Then, 'Blender' got added to the mix. [Or is that blended in! Waaah!'] But, looks like I have a short tiem frame to make some courses ... On top of that, I've been suffering from the usual depression, and I'm getting sick of it! Waaah! I'm getting sick of not having anything to remove depression from my life. Like I always say, it's like a long dark friggin' tunnel with no light at the end!! Waaah! Oh well, I'll go do this work tomorrow and we'll see where I end up. I better go off and make my bed! lol Otherwise I'll have no where to sleep! :-)