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04 June, 2006

Something Completely Different

Thought I'd leave the Perry Pooter story for this weekend for two reasons, one, a lot of people are off for the long weekends (both here in Perth and over in Malaysia), and second of all since starting to write it, I still haven't had free use of the TV in order to watch it again. :-) Here is the list of other things people have asked me to write on. I probably should point out, that when I ask people to give me stuff to write on, it doesn't have to be a send up of something. [That'll teach me for sending up LOTR!!!] :-) The first time I did this I had a lot of very different things to write about, so keep some suggestions coming in. [I hope I didn't miss any of the previous ones!! Just remind me if I did!] So, I think I won't send upt he Da Vinci code, but will write something completely different on it ... I sort of have an idea as to what I might do ... so don't be surprised if it has nothin to do with the book / film of the same name! :-)
  1. Hobbit Send up
  2. Wuthering Heights send up
  3. Da Vinci Code (Though I've neither read the book, nor seen the movie, but I'll do something with this!) :-)
I'll write [whinge] a little about my B'Day party. Family came over. My sister & family arrived slightly early, and the Brother in-law made soem comment half an hour after arriving that they were about to leave. My mother told me later that he was joking, and they did end up staying till 3 PM. I wonder if that means they read my blog ... probably. Anyway, other brother and family came over later. And also stayed till 3 PM. So they did actually spend about 3.5 and 2.5 hours here respectively. Amazing. I hope that made my mother feel a bit better. As reported earlier though, my sister left her kids here while they went off to watch the football. What did I get? Well, my sister bought me a facial scrub and some nail hardener. [And you thought I was joking when I told you my family thinks I'm gay!!!!] Well, the nail hardener isn't too bad a gift, as I do already use it at times for strengthening my right hand nails for playing guitar. Mainly as I seldom use picks any more. I have a habit of breaking the HARD picks and shreding the MEDIUM and SOFT ones. And I mean shred ... there is lots of little plastic all over the guitar when I use them. It comes from me hitting the strings too hard. WAY TOO HARD! So, I've started just playing with my hand. [Yes, I have sprayed blood all over my guitars before too!] So, havin some stuff to strengthen my nails isn't too bad. Though, I prefer not getting that sort of stuff of my B'Day. After all, things like that and deodorant etc etc are all stuff we can get in the supermarket any old day. It's not like it's special. [Though, was impressed that the present was useful, so Kudos to my sister for at least putting some thought into the present]. My brother's family bought me Futurama DVD's ... which I specifically asked people NOT to buy, as I was getting the 'Monster Box' with all four seasons on it. So was slightly peeved off at that present. At least they know I like Futurama though!!! I can always exchange the things as I still haven't opened it. Over all just peeved off that they didn't stick to the six page list I wrote out!!! Grrrrr! I mean, the whole point for writing the list was to ensure I didn't get stuff I already owned, or was getting, or didn't want and things!!!! GRRRRR!!! ONEONEONE!!!!111!!!! Anyway, my mother came up to me afterwards and asked how I thought it went. When I mentioned the fact I'd been very vocal previously about the fact I was getting the Futurama Monster Box (and so didn't want anyone to buy me that stuff), she gave me some big blasting about how ungrateful I was and I should be happy to get anything!! Blah blah blah! And even though she KNEW I didn't want Futurama DVD's and everything, [she admitted it], she said Paul wasn't to blame. [Which is weird, as she was co-ordinating my presents I thought!] [Yet, if it happened the otherway round she would have blasted me!!! FRIG!] But, I discovered the real reasons she came and asked me about it, she then had a tirad against my sister, brother in-law etc etc and how everyone just uses her! On top of that, this morning she was in a bad mood, and I heard her banging around in the cupboards (which is her way of gettin attention ... so I just ignore it). My brother Jeff didn't ignore it, and in his attempt to find out what was wrong, I got to listen to two hours of my mother and brother complaining about everything in the world, and what's wrong with the family, and how everyone just uses everyone. It just once again made me feel like I ought to go back to Sydney!!! Grrrrr! Apparently, when I returned from Sydney, I was supposed to be some sort of saviour who was goin to get a high paying job immediately, and then afford to pay for everyone to travel around the world and stuff!!! Grrrrrrr! Who's using who???? Well, I'm really sck of it all ... want to return to Sydney. Two things I've disliked about coming here. 1. It cost me an arm and a leg to return, and my family [mainly mother] make out like they've all done me some sort of favour and act like I'm some lazy sod who refuses to get a high paying job. I think they forget that I am actually workin and earning my own wage and I've also put floorboards through out the house and airconditioning, as well as paying m own way! 2. The people here have this ANTI-EASTERN states thing, where the most common reason for being refused a job while I was here, was because I had come from over East!!!! Anyway, the house is a little hostile at the moment, as my mother and brother had put each other into bad moods! Which has made me angry and sad. I genuinely feel like I was never wanted here, except as something to earn money for my mother. Once again, I'm in the mood to just pack up and GO! GO! GO!!!! Then I think, well, I'd like to actually help, but the whole being here is detrimental to myself, and my career, and I think is also not actually helping anyone else that much. They're all caught up in their own agendas. My mother often complains that she doesn't want to meet people and have friends ... like, I can't see that as good, as well as her complaints concerning her own family and my father and his side of the family. It's a lot more complex than I can express here ... but, it makes me want to scream! I feel damned if I do, and damned if I don't ... and I spent so much money moving back here ... only to find it is a hostile environment!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's driving me nuts! Anywat, getting back to the presents. I think I might have written on this before ... but the last Xmas I spent with the family when I was 19, was pretty painful as well. I was forced to go shopping in my exams (when I was trying to study), as my parents claimed I never appreciate anything they buy (whcih is because they never used to buy what I asked for). I went through the stores explaining to my father what I did and didn't like ... Xmas day arrived, and all the shirts and things I said I HATED the look of etc was what he'd bought me! Like, as if THAT wasn't deliberate!!!! Grrrrrr! So, I wonder if this one was also sort of deliberate. It makes me wonder if ALL my B'Days and Xmas's when I was bought crap I didn't want was all some sort of hate thing they had for me! Grrrrrr~!!! Why did I bother coming back!????!!! Grrrrrrr! Appologies to all those who read this far! Have to get it out somehow!! :-) Otherwise I'll go as crazy as the rest of my family!!!! lol