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02 June, 2006

Yes, more family problems!

Sometimes people wonder why I want to return to Sydney ... well, maybe not! lol Another nail in the coffin of why I want to return. This Saturday [tomorrow] is my B'Day celebrations for the Wednesday! My family have known about it for ages. Well, my sister phoned today. Apprently, they've decided to come over here earlier than when the whole thing starts, leave their kids here and head off to the football. Yes, that's how much I mean to my family. My mother, as she always points out, never receives a call from my sister unless it concerns her looking after my sisters kids. Let's face it, to my sister, my mother is no more than a 'Baby Sitting Machine'. My B'day is meaningless (but, hey, like I said in a previous post, when I was in Sydney my B'days etc were ignored!) So, my B'Day celebrations are going to go something like this: 1. Get up, shower etc. 2. Got to the markets to buy a cake and stuff with my youngest brother. Jeff. 3. Have my sister & family drop by for ten minutes 4. Have them leave to go watch the football, leaving her youngest two here for us to baby sit. 5. Have my brother Paul and his family arrive and spend an hour here. 6. Paul and Family leave. 7. Sister and family arrive here to pick up their kids. 8. House returns to normal. Yet, as my mother always points out, whenever my sister's family has something on, we're supposed to drop everything in order to be there. If we were to go watch the football or something, it would be considered a 'huge insult'. Well, my mother's pissed off, as once again she's the babysitter ... this was supposed to be my B'Day celebration, but instead it's not. I guess I'm not as surprised or upset as my mother, but it is another reason why I regret bothering to return to Perth. Since being here, I've basically become my mother's chauffeur when she needs to go shopping or something. [I took her shopping against today ... like, once on Wednesday and once today ... geeeeees!] My brother Jeff drives people nuts. [He's been asking some weird questions lately like, 'Would you turn the machine off if I was in a coma? What would you do if I suddenly died tomorrow? What would you do if they locked me away in an assylum?'] Well, my presence here has been good for my brother Jeff [even if he's acting slightly strange lately], but I think it's turning my mother into some sort of invalid who requires me to drop everything in order todo her bidding whenever she demands it, and the rest of the family ignores us all ... so no difference to me being in Sydney. I'm really wondering if I should remain or if I should just pack my suitcase and go travelling around the world again!!!! Yeah, I know, a lot of you remember when I was planning to go to the UK. Well, maybe that's on the cards again ... then again, why not go travelling to Japan etc like I've always wanted to! I guess my life has been in a weird fluid state for the last few years where I can't decide on what I want to do ... but staying in Perth is painful! Waaaaah! Yet, at the same time, I don't want to go when my brother Jeff and mother seem to need me ... but like I said, I think my presence has been detrimental for my mother's own abilities. I just don't know at times ... we'll see what Saturday brings!