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03 April, 2006

World Baseball CHAMPIONS!!!

Don't you love it. :-) Every year the USA holds the 'World Series' Baseball Championship. I've heard the American's claim that no other nation is anywhere near as good as them at baseball, which is why they are allowed to use that title. It's been the brunt of comedic jokes all over the world, that the US would get their backsides womped if a REAL World Championship was played. [And that included jokes by US comedians as well, who are obviously the most enlightened people in the US] :-) Well, the FIRST REAL WORLD BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP was held in the US this year (March), and guess who won? Japan. Wooops, I told you before you could answer! In fact, the final didn't include the US at all. It was between Japan and Cuba. Now, if you happen to be an American passing by this blog, don't take this the wrong way. I'm not happy because I think the US was taught a lesson. As I've said, US comedians obviously realised the silliness of arrogantly considering the US the best at baseball without any real proof. I'm not sure how many American citizens held the belief to be true either. I'm happy because those who held the mistaken belief that the US was the best, simply because 'they wanted to believe that', have been proven wrong. [It's a lot different to being happy because the US lost]. So, don't take my happiness the wrong way. If Russia or China or ANY NATION held a world series in anything and didn't include the rest of the world, I'd be happy for them to have the same thing happen. [Yes, if Aussie held a World Series Wombat Wrestling Competition, but excluded the rest of the world, I'd be happy for other nations to make fun of us as well ... especially if we ended up inviting the rest of the world and an Estonian, or Nigerian won it or something ... you get the picture]. Anyway, I hope this means that the US Baseball competition stops using the term World Series and calls it American Series or some other name. What the rest of the world suspected has finally been proven correct. Cuba and Japan have awesome baseball teams, and I personally tip my hat to them both. The US ... well, you guys better get hungry to win, as there is always next year, and hopefully the REAL world series will ancourage better baseball. [Not that I follow the sport. I put it in the same category as cricket ... a game that's fun to play, but boring to watch!]