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29 March, 2006

Another Meme on the blog where Memes come to die

Hedon tagged me.
Yes, I've done one of these before. The Challenge: To write a short story of not more than 200 words, based on the following words which can only be used once!
1. sleepover 2. whip 3. handcuffs 4. leather 5. sexy 6. threesome 7. hairy 8. shotgun 9. squeeze 10. explosion I'll do it as a poem (extra challenge), with each required word ending the line in order of the words.
Once when I was going to Dover, I was invited to a strange sleepover, The girl told me for a tip, I should bring a plastic whip, So I went to a store that sold weird stuffs, And invest in some nice handcuffs, I wasn't sure if I was right or whether, I should substitute plastic for leather, I wore a sombrero to look very Mexy, Hoping the girl would find it sexy. I hoped in a taxi, feeling wholesome, Two others hoped in to make a threesome. 'You coming too?' I asked Mary, Who was a bloke who is very hairy. 'If you promise me it will be fun', He said leaping in as fast as a shotgun. We got to the party, it was a breeze, Though the taxi had been a tight squeeze. Thus ending my poetic notion, Lacking any Hollywood type explosion!
146 words! Easy Done! If you want it, grab it and tell me you've grabbed it. [You don't have to do them in order or even as a poem ... that's me just making it more challenging for myself!] :-)