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02 April, 2006


OUCH! Saturday, April the first was my Cousin Cliftons combined Birthday / Bucks Night. For starters, we went to play Paintball in the morning. There were only nine of us, so it was five versus four. I was lucky, I was on the team of four, and the reason why we were four, as because Simon was a lot better than the rest of us (havin played at a tournament level and everything). The entire paintball experience cost me $75 ... not something I want to do every weekend. Anyway, we playeda total of ten games. Unfortunately, at the end of the fifth game (whcih was a capture the flag type game), I was running in with the flag for a win, and my Calf Muscle spasmed and OUCH!!!! Down I went. I wasn't able to stand on it, and I was in great pain. We tried stretching it out and everything, but it wasn't doing that much good. Anyway, the next few games, I decided to continue playing in, but it meant really reduced mobility. Game Six, I bascailly held the base, and shot at anyone who came too close to our baseline, till eventually, as the surviving memeber of my group I was finally shot by the opposition. Game seven I rolled about on the ground, and kept the enemy at bay long enough for our guys to take the oposition out. Then we did a game where three of the guys defended a fort. I was on the team attacking the fort, and by the time I got up to where I coul dbe effective, the game was over, we'd captured the fort. Then, we had another team match, and I was out when a paintball hit the ground in front of my and splattered across my hand! DARN! Tenth game was one where we could rejuvinate and keep playing till we ran out of paintballs. I was happy, as I was able to shoot my cousin Clifton. As per most paintball matches, everyone compared bruises afterwards. Anyway, my most obvious one was one from the first game. I got hit in the neck (and it looked more like a love bite than a paintball hit). I got home. My younger brother was standing in the garage when I arrived, and as I got out of the car, his first words were concerning the size of my right leg. Apparently, it was very obviously swollen. OUCH! Anyway, when it happened, I did feel slightly nausious, so I am wondering how bad the damage is. I'm going to have to book in to see the Doctor this week. I went to bed shortly after I got home, and woke up ready for the bucks night. Unfortunately, the leg had gotten worse, and I wasn't even able to stand on it. I was feeling very nausious again. I'd done the ice pack thing and the deep heat thing. It hadn't helped! So much for a pub crawl. I had to phone and cancel. My brother Jeff couldn't attend either as ... well, I was the designated driver for the night. Jeff didn't feel comfortable going out with a large group of guys he'd never met before. My sister had been over with her kids, and after I'd put ice on the leg, she told me she could see a huge bruise under neither the skin. As a dancer she'd seen some pretty awful things, and she said this was pretty bad. I kept reminding them I'd had worse (ie the time I sustained injuries to my leg where the doctors had wanted to amputate my foot.) I think the swelling was very noticable. I asked my brother Jeff to take a photo, but no one would! [Darn, you could have had some pictures of it]. I've been using an old hockey stick as a walking stick. Today my mother insisted that we all go over my brother Pauls place. She needed to go as my nephew Adam needed to ask her questions for his school assignment. I didn't want to go, but my mother insisted. Even though she couldn't give one decent reason for us needing to go, Jeff and I dutifully went with her. I'd spent the morning explaining to my brother how the computer game Capitalism II worked. He was interested at first, and keep coming up with weird suggestions that couldn't be performed in the game. Towards the end, I think he had enough of the game. Which was good, as I suddenly won the thing and had to explain why I'd won. I wanted to stay and play some more, but we had to go to Paul's place. We got there, and no one was home. My mother was in a mood, as she didn't like waiting around. Anyway, they arrived home at 3PM (which was when they said they'd be home ... we'd arrived early). Was an interesting time, as my nephews assignment was about my mother's childhood. My mother had been born in England, moved to Singapore when very young and grew up ther. They then moved to Aden (near Saudi Arabia on the red sea) before moving back to England and then Australia. I knew my Grandfather was in charge of Gurka's when he'd been in Singapore, who were in charge of removing Japanese soldiers who hadn't surrended after the war. Something new I learnt today, was he was also in charge of training the Malaysian Troups. He also trained a special unit who went to England to serve. [My mother was very thin on information regarding te special unit, so not sure who or what they were]. An interesting story invovled a snake which had babies under their ice box. No one had refrigerators in those days, they used to buy ice from the ice man. [Oh no, the ice man commeth!] ;-) Anyway, a tray beneath the ice box used to capture the water from the melting ice. A snake had had it's babies in the tray, and as the tray filled with water, the babies had drowned. My Nana (Grandmother) had a shock when she pulled the ice tray out and found about twenty baby snakes dead in the water. Her talk on Aden was very enlightening too. She talked about swimming in the nets, and the sharks swimming on the outside of the nets, and some of the smaller stingrays and sharks that were able to get into the nets. Also, the scorpions and stuff. My nephew Adam was very interested in the sand storms they'd survived. Also, she talked about camel trains, wild dogs and goats (which apparently were everywhere eating everything and anything). Finally, I was able to get home, and update! :-) Not sure what to do tomorrow. I have worked lined up for tomorrow morning, but I won't be able to do it, as it was moving computers around and setting network type things up. Having difficulty moving (with or without trying to carry computers), I obviously won't be able to do anything. I just hope I can get into the Doctors surgury early enough tomorrow! That way I can still train in the afternoon. Otherwise NO MONEY this week! Arrrrgh!!!!