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29 March, 2006

Some More Pictures

You may remember I did the tutorial on how to draw using my friend Shifa. I've done another one of Shifa, and this time I think I did a much better job. [I hope she likes it]. Let's face it, she's such a cutie (and she already has a BF, so NO, all you guys out there will have to get your own GF's!) :-) And FINALLY, the long awaited picture of Mami ... who's one of my Japanese friends. (She also has a BF, so sorry guys, you'll have to look elsewhere for a GF if you're looking). Anyway, I'm not happy with this one ... I'll probably do another one of Mami later when I feel in the mood to draw. BUT, it's not bad (it's better than some people might have done), so I stuck it here, and hopefully she'll like it ... and later I'll do a better one that hopefully she'll like even better. :-) p.s. Check out the previous post. I'm still awaiting some ides for the Dabido Challege Type II. :-)