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03 April, 2006

Paintball Bruise - Legs!

I'll start off with a picture of one of my bruises from paintball. If you've never played paintball, then this is what it's all about ... hurting your friends. :-) This one took a day to come out, as I'm sure I never saw it the day we played. Still, it's a nice big one, and looks awesome. [If you're into awesome looking bruises that is!] ;-) This next photo is going to be harder to see the damage. No bruising. Just the leg on the left [My right leg], is larger than the left. I took this photo this morning, so it's two days since I did the damage. My mother says the swelling has gone down considerably, but if you get a rule, you can measure that there is a marked difference between the size of each leg. [Yes, they are lilly white legs!] :-) I'm off to the Doctor's this morning anyway. I can actually stand on the leg today without the need for my hockeystick as a support. My Doctor isn't in this morning, so I'm seeing her sister (also a Doctor). Doctoring must run in their family, as her brother is a very popular Doctor at the clinic. I wonder if their parents are Doctors too. Maybe I should ask. I just realised, if you turn your head sideways, it's easier to see the width difference with each leg ... it still hurts like anything to touch it ... so, I better stop touching it! :-)
Got to the Doctors, she said she couldn't tell my leg was swollen at all. I got home and told my mother who said the Doctor was blind. [I think it was more a case of her not really taking a good look]. Anyway, I got a tape measure and measured the distance around each calf muscle, and there was an 8cm difference. So, it might not be too huge, and it's noticable. Had a great day at work [don't you hate people like me who like Mondays! Bwahahahahahaaa!] ;-)