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27 March, 2006

How Insulated Some Scriptwriters Brains are!

Actually, as someone who's written scripts, I'm being a little harsh, as it may not have been a the scriptwriters fault, but some one elses. Still, scriptwriters are human too, so maybe it was the writers fault ... but, might have been the producers or some other studio honcho who wanted things changed. ANYWAT, what I want to complain about is whatever is on Television that my mother is watchin at present. I heard them [the characters] talking regarding a SARIN GAS attack. Now, if you remember, Tokyo 1995, the religious group Aum Shinrikyo launched a Sarin gas attack, which killed twelve people and made over six thousand sick. In the Television show, they failed to mention this attack. I found that highly insulting as well as stupid. The TV characters are tracing the 'Terrorist' group which did a Sarin gas attack in their show ... and guess what they compare it too. 1. Nine Eleven (World Trade Centre Attacks) 2. Madrid Rail Bombing 3. The London Tube Bombings. Now, sure, it's a TV show. It's not a TRUE story, but it is sort of based on reality. If you were to come to me and tell me a group of terrorists were about to launch a Sarin Gas Attack on a Subway Line, the first attack that would spring to my mind would be the Tokyo ones. Why? Well, first, it's a friggin' SARIN gas attack, NOT an airplane flying into a building, NOT a bomb or bombs on trains. Second, it's on a subway line. Yes, the Madrid and London attacks were on trains, so I can see the similarity to that, but Nine Eleven??? That's totally different. Why is it an American TV show where they have terrorists releasing Sarin Gas on a subway doesn't even mention the Tokyo attacks? I'm sure they've heard about it. But it seems that the other three attacks are of more importance to America. Maybe it's because they're more recent. BUT, still, the similarity is uncanny. Maybe the scriptwriter isn't mentioning it, as it will give away where the idea came from. Maybe it's not being mentioned because someone somewhere decided it was better to keep reminding us of RECENT attacks, and thus justify the 'current mood' of doom and gloom where the population allow politicians to erode their rights in order to 'protect' the public. It's like they deliberately ignored the obvious attack to make terrorist attacks look like they're only a recent thing. They're not. I remember as a child reading about bomb attacks, people being kidnapped by terrorists, wars & rumours of war. Nothing much has changed, except now the media is constantly obsessing over terrorists and every second show is about 'the good guys' saving us from terrorists. The war against terrorists is over two millenia old. I mean, one of Jesus Disciples was an EX-TERRORIST who fought against the Romans. The US even used geurrilla type tactics against the British in their war of Independents, and the current US Government wants to outlaw these very tactics. I'm just getting very tired of Hollywood rehashing terrorists in almost everyshow. If they had a new slant on it, or something more to say, I could understand, but, it's the same thing. It's 'Watch out, terrorists are hiding in your underpants and we're here to save you'. I'm sorry, but the repeatition is akin to brainwashing, and I'm getting very tired of it. If you must make a TV show and have a bunch of terrorists attack subways by using sarin gas, you could at least compare it to the historic attack which was most similar to it, Tokyo 1995. Don't have your 'terrorist expert' characters sit around and compare it to Nine Eleven and completely ignore Tokyo. As soon as you ignore Tokyo and pretend it is 'most similar to nine eleven' the credibility of the show just goes straight out the window. If the terrorists were going to fly planes into buildings, THEN I would expect the experts to compare it to nine eleven, NOT when it's sarin and subways. Like I said though, I can only imagine that they mentioned nine eleven as it keeps the fear of terrorism fresh in the minds of Americans.