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26 March, 2006

Glittery Unicorn

I decided to rip the Unicorn transfer off my knights costume today. My mother spent a long time sewing borders around it, so where the costume is red, it now has a white border, and where it is white it has a red border. Yeah, pictures will follow. ANYWAT, I decided to colour the Unicron in white ... only, what I had thought was white fabric paint has ended up being GLITTER. I onyl noticed when it started to dry, and my brother came and said, 'I like the glitter effect you've made for the Unicorn!' 'Whaaaaat?' I had a look, sure enough, it was drying into transparent with lots of GLITTER! Waaaaah! If it looks good enough, I might keep it. I'm still trying to decide whether to rip the Bear Rampant off and do that with fabric paint as well.