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27 March, 2006

My Family are NUTS!!!

My brother Jeff did something weird today. He's been on holiday, and he informed us that today was his first day back at work. He got up, got dressed in his work clothes ... then, at 3:30 in the afternoon, he arrived home (I was out at the time), got his car and left. Apparently, he wasn't back at work at all. He's still on holiday. He went into the city, took his work shirt off (having a T-Shirt on underneath), and went to the tourist bureau. Then, came home, got his car, and now his off to Bunbury again. It's weird. He always does this thing where he pretends he's going to work, then we discover he's on holidays. Anyway, he said he was going off for a week. Then mum reminded him that he needs to be back for the bucks night on Saturday, and also asked if there was anythin else he needed to be back here for ... and he remembered, YES, he has to see his Chiropractor on Wednesday, at 7 AM. So, he has to be back here tomorrow night. WEIRD! He wasted today looking for something to do on his holidays ... and now he only has ONE DAY to do it in. Then, he'll be back! ARGGGGGGGGGGH! My poor mother gets driven nuts by it all. I suspect this behaviour is because people always stop him doing what he wants to do. The weird thing is, when he came back the other day (from his trip down south), he complained he was bored, and there was nothing to do down south. He told us that he was planning on going on a trip with a group of people next to somewhere ... only, he's repeating last weeks trip. He's headed down south on his own.
Not much else to talk about. Had a good day at work. Helped train some ladies in the use of Microsoft word, and took their photo's and placed them in their word document and stuff. They were sort of excited about it. :-) Um ... think I might actually do some study and stuff, as not much else happening! ;-)