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30 March, 2006

Dabido Challenge Type II

So far I've only had two lists given to me for the Dabido Challenge Type II. They is Hedon's : oh, for the dabido challenge, here's my list: 1. character: simba (from the lion king) 2. location: playboy mansion 3. object: calculator 4. occupation: footballer 5. song title: tiny dancer (elton john) 6. theme: psychedelic 70's And Kenny's (aka Other Kenny) : hah? no one commented on this?? i'll try then.. 1. odibad, an self aclaimed jamaican (who's actually a tanned japanese with dreadlocks) 2. Tokyo, among the ganguro girls.. 3. rolled up weed ciggies 4. bummer.. 5. No woman-o no cly-o 6. he's actually a superhero, a defender of the earth (well, just tokyo actually) from the evil mutant scum, his evil twin dadobi. XD For those who missed the post, here are the rules for the Dabido Challenge Type II. Though, I must admit I am unsure what occupation 'bummer' is. Unemployed maybe???? Who knows!? Well, Kenny does, as he wrote it. :-) So, I'll just quickly stick another call out for some more contributions.