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04 April, 2006

Hmmm, it never rains, but it pours!

Dilemma! Was sent two offers today for IT jobs. One's a Nortel contract for three months, and the others a Cisco contract for six months. Wondering if I should go for the money. The other thing which happened, is they were discussing me being the training facilitator for a film production course they're thinking of running. I was sort of discussed, as I've done Film and Television studies, as well as having had two films entered in the Young Film Maker awards back in Adelaide (obout 25 years ago), as well as having worked on two other films (which weren't entered in anything). IT Jobs = money. Staying and working as a training facilitator could mean happy times, but not much cash. I've already reduced my rates for the local PCYC to about one third what I could be earning. A nice injection of money over the next three or six months might mean an easy last half of the year though. Oh, the dilemma!!! Of course, I might actually enjoy the IT jobs if they're with nice people in good work environments and stuff. I'll phone the agency tomorrow to see how good the jobs might be and what they pay. Still wondering what to do ... but, we'll see what's on the table first, then make a decission.