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04 October, 2005

How much did I eat today?

I've been extremely hungry today. I figured it was because this morning I didn't take the apetite suppressants I've been taking. Main reason for not taking it, is I was still eating the same amount as I normally do. Bad mistake. Breakfast - ate my usual large bowl of rice bubbles with soy milk. Drank a litre of water before lunch. Lunch - Large plate of Zuchini Slice with garden salad! Was still very hungry. Also drank 600ml of Coca-cola. Drank another litre of water. Dinner - Large bowl of rice. 2nd Dinner - 800ml Can of fruit salad. 3rd Dinner - sliced 3 large potatoes into chips and fried them. 4th Dinner - fried two eggs. 5th Dinenr - ate a large bowl of rice bubbles with coya milk. Presently drinking another litre of water! Still friggin' hungry!!!!!! So HUNGRY! HUNGRY HUNGRY! (Will turn into a hungry hippo if I am not too careful!) FEEED MEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!! My mother said I was being obese! I told her NO, being obese is being FAT, I was being glutinous! (I must have contracted Suanie's 'Glutony Sin' - see her button on her blog! My Sin is supposed to be lust! Arrrgh! I'll be a fat lustful old man if I keep eating!!!!) I'm SOoooo Hungrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!