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02 October, 2005

Gorillas, and Evolution still Jung at Heart!

One of the most misleading titles ever! I'll get to the Gorillas, Evolution and Heart (Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings) later. I've been meaning to write a quick guide on Jungian Personality Types for quite a long time. Mainly as I get sick of the amount of people who assume all bloggers are just a bunch of attention seeking narcisists who can't get enough attention in real life. It assumes that all bloggers fit into the one personality type of the True Sanguine. So totally absorb with themselves, that they can't see anything else. Well, I started writing it today, and then deleted it all. It went on too long. So much for being a quick guide! I'll give it some more thought. Anyway, hopefully when I do get around to writing it, it will be shorter. The main aim of it, is so that the idiots who assume that everyone has the same motive will be able to see that humans are more complex and many rational motives occur within the blog sphere for why people blog. One of my old personality tests probably sums up my reasons for blogging quite adequately. I have a need for self expression. I consider my ideas are more important than me.
Another bomb was set off in Indonesia. Some are saying it is aimed at Australian's again (like the first Bali bombing and the Australian Embassy attack). I started writing a brief arguement as to why terrorism is stupid, but deleted that as well. I have a feeling that no terrorists would read what I wrote anyway. The summary is basically that terrorism is counter productive. You blow people up - and then expect people to support you! Sorry. Murdering innocent people doesn't endear you to the general population.
Some interesting links for you to think about: The Evolution and Intelligent Design Debate - still going on! When we people learn to teach Religion in Religious class, Philosophy in Philosophy class, and Science in Science Class. All three can exist along side each other. I think a lot of this will go away when two things happen - one the antagonistic religious zealots stop trying to push religion into science and two, when the antagonistic scientific athiest stops trying to push their science into non-science subjects. [I've been attacked by both ... no loss of friendship there!] :-) Good news for those in the medical fraternity, Leonardo Da Vinci has saved the day again! I'd love for something I did to give new insights five hundred years after I'm dead! I've always been a great fan of Leonardo, who is without doubt the archtypical renaissance man! I've been called this as well, with my curiosity for everything and attempting to do everything I can whenever I can. In this case, an Heart Surgeon in the UK used Leonardo's drawings to devise a way to fix damaged mitral value in the heart. Finally, Gorillas. The last Great Ape not to use tools, have finally had their 2001: A Space Odyssey moment and grasp the usefulness of using them. Actually, when I first saw the link 'Gorillas seen with impressive tools' I thought it was a link to a pr0n site. Luckily, it wasn't! Of course, reading the title, 'Wild Gorillas seen to use tools', I thought maybe the tools were some local politicians! I thought maybe the gorillas had figured out a use for politicians after all. Oh, well! I notice it seems to be the females using the tools too. Maybe it's true that a female homo sapien invented the wheel! :-) Or maybe females are just too lazy to use their hands, (while the male is so lazy it hasn't even got off the couch to do it!) Yes, enough ammunitiion in that last sentence to get both sides of the 'battle of the sexes' mad at me! hee hee! Oh, I am so naughty! :-) Behave Dabido! Behave!!!!