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30 September, 2005

Why Cheat?

I'm a little confused by some people. Okay, admittedly I probably am a little more ethical than some people. Like, I've never seen the point in 'Cheating' in life. I don't cheat on people, I won't cheat with people, and I certainly can't see the point in cheating in tests and businesses etc. Today, someone tried to get me onside with something - in our business course, we were given some Business Plans to look at yesterday (seems as we are making ones of our own) and two of the ppl took them home, as they didn't realise you were not supposed to. An honest mistake. Anyway, upon hearing about this, one of the other students DEMANDED that they be allowed to take one home. It was pointed out to her, that it was against the rules. We were only given the plans to look at briefly, NOT to take home. To me, it seemed obvious that the lecturer wouldn't allow it. Two wrongs don't make a right. Yes, those other two students did something wrong - but there are thirteen of us in the class. The other student kept insisting that SHE be allowed to take one home, as she claimed the other two students had been given an unfair advantage, that SHE should be allowed to have as well. After the lecturer had turned her down (and rightly I beleive), she came up to me, and asked that I get one and give it to her! HUH? Why? I don't have one, I don't want to cheat and I couldn't understand why she needed this other persons business plan. After all, two out of thirteen made an honest mistake. They hadn't tried to get an unfair advantage (and even if they had done it deliberately, it doesn't make it right for anyone else to cheat). Why couldn't she just let it rest!? It's against the rules to have them, and against the rules to take them home! We were just shown them as examples, in order to help us get a grasp of what is involved. It was just for us to browse, NOT for us to study. We already have a blueprint with what to do for our business plans. We alreayd have a manual on how to put it together. We don't actually NEED these things anyway. Upon not getting any satisfaction with me refusing to help her cheat, she then went and started on one of the other students. The funny thing is, at no time did I ever hear her say that the REST of us students should have them. It was always SHE should have one! SHE should be compensated for the other students getting an unfair advantage! We aren't even COMPETING against the other students! It's not like they squeeze us all under a bell curve and mark us from one to thirteen. We either pass the course or we don't! It's not hard! It reminds me of when I used to work as a nightfiller in a supermarket. One guy was notorious at not working. He'd dilly dally and was really slow. At the end of the night, we'd have to go and help him finish stocking his aisle. The other night fillers started to complain. They felt they should get compensated for this guys poor performance. They came to me to try to get me onside. As I said to them, 'I get paid the same regardless of what he does.' Regardless of how good or bad the other workers are. It's a management problem. If he isn't working, then he is costing the company money. Management have to make the decission. It isn't a good enough excuse for them to gang up on this guy, as their work load wasn't going to change. They weren't going to be paid more. It's the same for the lady on my course. The lecturer isn't going to allow her to cheat just because some of the other students did. The rest of the students aren't going to help her. Why should they? Why can't she play by the rules and just do the course the right way? In the end, if she does cheat, and lifts a lot of information from someone elses business plan, it won't help her, as her own business will suffer, as she won't have understood her own business. In life, it is better to do the work. Earn what you will have. Study to understand, not to get good marks. If you understand, then the good marks should follow. If you take shortcuts just to get good marks, in the end, your lack of understanding will hinder you in your endeavours. You have to accept your own limitations! Yes, it might be harder for you to do something than what it is for other people to do it. Isn't that what makes a victory all the more sweeter! If someone has natural ability and you have none, and you train harder and longer and beat them, have you not earned more? Why cheat? The rewards are short lived and just make sit harder and harder as life goes on.