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29 September, 2005

Yeah, I do write too much!

Well, I've already posted today, as well as reading and commenting on twenty odd blogs - but, I can't help myself. Mainly as I didn't blog on what I wanted to write about! hee hee Baka Dabido! Well, my fifteen to thirty readers (as I don't know exactly how many you are - maybe there are more who only visit once every week - I don't know!), here is what I was planning on posting on: Yesterday, I did my washing, and then stuck it in the dryer. I took everything from the dryer and stuck it in my washing basket. Eventually, after all the washing and drying was done (three loads) I stuck it on my bed. Then, I promptly left it there, like I do! :-) I then went back to doing everything else I do during a day. Was some good Japanese Anime on TV last night. Porco Rosso and a doco about Ghibli Studios! Anyway, I had a lot to do, so I taped them. Hope to see them later this week. (Or next week, or the week after ... or something!) :-) Decided to go to bed last night at about midnight. Got to the bedroom, and all my washing was sitting on my bed ... which included my bedsheets! No problem, that's normal operating procedure for me! Folded my washing and put it away. Was half way through it all, and noticed a WHOLE STACK WAS STILL WET!@!!!!! @#*^@*(#^@!!!! Baka Dabido! Didn't check it after getting it from the dryer! Actually, the wet stuff and got tangled in the fitted sheet and formed a big ball of wetness in the middle. Well, the wet stuff included MY BED SHEETS! @*#*^#@&*!!!!! Okay, no problem, I have plenty of bed sheets - I decided to use my favourite ones! BLACK bed sheets! (Have no idea what that means from a psychological stand point!) Anyway, I'd bought them back when one of my flatmates was trying to convince everyone I was this suicidal freak! I think she was doing that because SHE was a suicidal freak! Her and my other flatmate kept telling me I would suicide one day because, 'You listened to GRUNGE!!!! And Everyone knows that Kurt Cobain suicided, so anyone who listens to his music will do the same thing!' I always thought they just had something against grunge and Kurt! Oh well. She (the mad cow of a flatmate) used to tell other people I was suicidal and stuff - and she was always saying things to me like, 'Why don't you go kill yourself if you're that depressed?' Of course, I usually interpreted her statement to really mean that she was depressed and wanted to kill herself ... but wanted to project that onto me! (Okay, I coudl go through depressions too ... just because someone is depressed doesn't mean they are going to kill themselves! I worry about people who's first instinct is to talk about killing themselves or who think everyoe wants to kill themselves). Well, I went out one day - and I love BLACK things, like black guitars, black synthisizers, black TV sets, black furniture etc ... black clothes, and I decided I should try black bedsheets! (And my love for BLACK HAIR is like ... well ... amazingly well known amongst my friends!) As soon as I got them home, my mad cow flatmate told me that black bed sheets means I want to kill myself! (The irony of this is that people who are suicidal don't care what they want to look like and don't care about their image! They certainly wouldn't have bothered buying bed sheets!) So, she went and got other people and my other flatmate to tell me the same thing! Yes, they all graduated from the 'Idiot School of Parrot Psychology'. "She told us it was so, so we repeat it!" Oh yeah! Love that logic! And THAT sort of stuff just made me like my black bedsheets even more. (Just call me the rebel in black! Zoro of the bedsheets! The Fonzie of sleepville! The Sam Spade of Snoooze town! The Darth Vadar of the ... oh wait, he's a bad guy!) :-) Anyway, last night, I decided to stick them on my bed (seems as my light blue bright sunny non-suicidal bedsheets were still wet). Then I discovered a curious thing! ONE OF MY BLACK BEDSHEETS WAS MISSING!!!! (Hmmm, why can I see that title being used for a sitcom?) I still had the pillow slips, I still had the top sheet! BUT MY BOTTOM FITTED BLACK SHEET WAS GONEEEE!!!!! My only conclusion is some dark depressed suicidal bastard stole my black bed sheet! :-) Okay, I better not press charges, don't want their death on my conscience ... of course, maybe it was my old mad cow flatmate! The bitch! She stole my bedsheet and has probably committed sepuku on it in order to prove she was right! Only suicidal maniacs have black bedsheets! :-) Okay - so my humour is a little dark tonight. Anyway, my bedsheet is missing and I haven't used it since I left Sydney ... so maybe, some Kangaroo stole it on the Nullabour plains! Probably that one who lept in front of my car and killed itself! Bloody suicidal kangarooooos! STOP STEALING MY BEDSHEETS YOU KAMIKAZE MACROPODS!!!!! :-) Just kidding. Yeah, it must have gone missing before I left Sydney. I better replace it. My bed never looked so good as when it's dressed in black with two black pillows for Sunglasses! :-) It's the matress they should have in "Men In Black" and "The Blues Brothers"!! :-) Certainly would ahve improved bot the sequels ... but then a striped giraff in a spandex ballet tights could have improved those sequels! :-) Well, it was too late to dry the rest of my washing, so I had to wait till the morning.
Another curious thing which happened today, was our business calss was joined by a new student. She was going to start a 'counselling' service for people. Towards the end of the day, she and the lecturer didn't see eye to eye on an issue. There wasn't an arguement - but neither would conceed the point - and the counsellor suddenly burst out crying and ran out of the room. I have always suspected that a lot of people become councellors, as they are unhappy themselves and wish to help others like themselves. I once heard that the largest percentage amount of suicides is amongst Psychiatrists! I feel for this woman. I'm not sure she is in the right business. I am surprised that neither she nor the lecturer could just agree to disagree - or that the councellor couldn't see that she was never going to convince him, and just let the point go. Very strange.