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03 October, 2005

Dabido's Day

Well, today, like many other days ... was a day when the sun came up, and the sun went down ... and inbetween I did stuff. Started the day getting out of bed. Actually, that's not true. I started the day waking up. The getting out of bed came a little later. Actually, I was having a lot of trouble sleeping last night, and got up a few times to relieve myself. Was still awake at one thirty AM. Luckily, I think that was the last time I was awake before about four or five AM. I'm not known for my good sleeping habits and it is probably partly due and partly the cause of my stomach problems. Anyway, I kept waking up from about 5 AM onwards. At one time I heard my brother and mother talking loudly. It was my brother espousing his unthought through opinions of the world, and my mother telling him off and telling him to shut up. I fell back to sleep. I then work up a few times till my alarm went off at 7:20 AM. I got out of bed. Turned the alarm off (which is actually my mobile phone) and decided maybe I should have set it for later that day. Then, decided, that as I was up, I might as well go for a walk. Then decided I was too lazy too and had a shower instead. I have no idea how I fill up my time in a shower. I know I do a lot of thinking in the shower, and a lot of thinking once I get out of the shower. This habit used to infuriate my ex-wife no end, as I'd sit on the edge of the bath for ages in a towel or two, pondering the problems of my life and the world. In fact, I've been known to sit thinking for so long, that there is no need to dry myself, even on cold wet days when drying takes time. I just sit and think, and think and think ... and I suddenly realise the day is disappearing and I am completely dry and can stick my clothes on. Today was one of those days. I eventually got to my bed roomand realised it was ten past eight. Great, I'd spent fifty minutes somehow. Some of it was obviously showering! I have no idea how long that was, but it certainly wasn't fifty minutes worth. Next, I headed off to my computer, as I suddenly rememebred I hadn't finished all my homework. Which in a way was funny, as there was even more that I'd forgotten to do, but didn't realise it till I got to my business course! Bodoh Dabido! My mtoher had gone back to bed sometime between arguing with my brother and me getting up. Actually, I forgot a bit of the story. Last night I was sick as a dog! The entire right side of my body was in pain for some reason. Part of it was my old football injury, where my knee had decided to stop being a knee and start being a crunchie painful thing between two leg bones. My ankle and shin was also aching. My shin had a problem from once having all the skin removed from the front of it. This occurred when I was acting once. I had to run from one side of the stage, all the way around to the other side of the stage. When I got to the other side, I was running up the steps to where I had to enter the stage again ... and BANG! Shin first into a wooden step whcih removed a LOT of my shin! It was darn painful, and I had to walk out on stage with blood and skin hanging off my leg. (I think I might have related this once before). Anyway, my arm was also playing up! And my shoulder! I've previously torn all the ligaments in my shoulder before. My arm has also on more than one occassion lost all feeling. This wasn't one of those times! This was a time when it was in some weird sort of throbbing pain! Actually, the right arm has had stitches, been burnt, and has some scarring on it. It's been threw a lot! For some reason, the whole right side was in pain last night. It seemed to also get into my stomach and I was feeling very nausious. (No sympathy ... just feel my pain with me, Okay?) ;-) So, this morning, when I awoke, I was feeling a lot better, but still have that left over sore throat that's been bugging me for ages! Got to the Business Course. Actually, I dropped off on the way and grabbed some buns from a local bakers! I spent the day eating the six buns I bought. The lecturer claims he's never seen anyone eat as much. I found that funny for two reasons - the other day he'd said it about Marcus, and the day before that about John - two of the other guys on my course! Maybe he just forgot who he keeps seeing eat! :-) The sickness and the lack of sleep caught up with me. Part the way through the day, I started getting really, really nausious! I did some yoga breathing exercises in order to try to stop it from overwhelming me. I also realised, I hadn't taken my stomach medication this morning! Bodoh Dabido!!!!! Katrina, one of the girls on the course, told me today she was a vegetarian too! WOW! Two of us on the same course. Kewl! I don't think I seemed to impressed ... wel, I was feeling sick! Some of the other guys started teasing me, as they thought I'd fallen asleep. I told them, 'Nah, just doing yoga breathing exercises!' This launched into another discussion on stuff. They probably all think I am a health nut or something. Anyway, I wasn't feeling well. Towards the end of the day, rather than working on stuff, I went outside with the smokers. I had a big talk to John, who's staring a jewelry store. He showed me some of his work. I was impressed. Very nice stuff. He also said he might leave the course. It's because he has some work lined up. He could stay on the course for the next two and a half weeks and get zip money, or he could take the work offer and get his business up and running, without the help of the course or the mentor. It will be interesting to see which he does. I read through the usual blogs and read some of 'Graham Chapman's - A liar's Autobiography Volume IV' (Which is Volume VII on the inside cover!) It's basically his Autobiography told in normal Monty Python style. I wonder if people at the library think I am gay? I ask this question as I recently read Stephen Fry's (from BlackAdder) Autobiography - and he's gay, and now reading Graham Chapman's and he was gay too! They can excuse me for Stephen's, as I didn't know he was gay till he mentioned it in his book. Not that I think it is a problem. Just, I seem to be reading a lot of biographies by gay comedians this past few weeks! Anyway, I also spent the night reading, writing and then watching a show about Ron Wood fromthe Rolling Stones. That guy is an excellent artist (painting etc) as well as a great musician! I think, if he wasn't a famous for being a Rolling Stone, he'd have been extremely famous for being an Artist! Now, it's about time for me to go to bed. I'm still rather nausious, even though I took my stomach medication as soon as I got home. I think I need the sleep so I perform better in class tomorrow. No getting mistaken for falling asleep again! :-)