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29 September, 2005

How Weird?

How Weird. I arrived at my blog, and the OBJECTIONABLE FLAG was up! I wonder what someone objected to! Was it the FireAngel Fan Club button? She seems to be accumulating enemies. Was it the my objection to the comentary from SlashDot? Was it something in my 'I Am That Blogger ...' Meme? If someone is going to be critical of what I am writing here, I prefer if they tell me, so that I can understand the objection. I don't have naked people on the blog. I avoid using swear words ... and I've seen plenty of blogs which have had both of those! Or is it just someone doesn't like me and wants to remove me from the blogsphere? Well, that won't happen. If I am forced to move the blog, then I am sure I can afford to host it myself (and then you'll never be able to remove me!) Anyway, if you have a problem, then please talk to me. I am a pretty friendly sort of a guy. Actually, I was wondering last night if I shoud expand on some of the points I made inth e 'I am this blogger ...' meme! Some are pretty criptic ... but then again, maybe that's the point of leaving things in point form. Wonder how many of my points raised more questions in peoples minds about me! Hmmmm, wonder what people think about me now! I tried to include me at my evilest! After all, my ex-wife claimed I have no 'dark side' - it's all exposed, so I don't hide stuff. Better to live life naked so that no one can get anything on you. I never did drugs, I was never a violent drunk, I've never beaten children or women (and don't go around starting fights with men - they usually pick on me!) Well, my Business course was interesting today. I am feeling more confident about starting this business ... hmm, wonder if that's why my blog got flagged!!! :-)