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03 October, 2005


I forgot two things in that last post: 1. Link to Graham Chapmans Book on Amazon. So now you know who I am talking about. 2. Also, my lecturer told me to change the name of my business! Up until now, I was going to call it D'Elven MacKnell. I'd designed the logos (as seen below) and everything. The lecturer decided that the name wasn't easy to rememebr or pronounce (well, would cause confusion for people trying to pronounce it). I spent the last half of the day trying to figure out a new name for my business. Geees!!! Anyone got any good ideas for a Computer Networking/Security/Training company???? I kicked a few silly ideas around ... Bakamoto was one that Marcus liked - but as I pointed out to him, it's Japanese for 'origin of the idiots' - now that would go down well. :-) Kumatech - Kumamoto - Odyssey - Novatech - Kumanet - Mnemenet - Musenet - Toranet - Eutech - Eucom - Vapournet (lol That's an old joke of mine - when you wonder where your stuff is that should ahve gone across the net!) - Scarabnet - Sandlewood Networks - Uranghutan networks - Net Express (has Futurama sound) :-) - Sabretooth ... I just kicked these and other ideas around. Not happy with any of them. When I play Capitalism II, I usually call my company Devil Doll - don't think it would be appropriate outside the game though. Dabnet? Dabidonet? Geees, it's really thrown me off a little! I ahve to find a bloody new name! Design a new logo - register them, Trade Mark the Logo - so much that I'd thougt I'd already completed now has to be done again! Of course, the other option is to use the D'Elven MacKnell stuff and go against the wishes of my Mentor. Anyone out there like any of those names I just threw into the vapournet? If so, Why? I'm trying to be highclass - computer Tech - Security - ISO9000 compliant and just all around CLASSY business! Gees, I better start thinking. Maybe a good nights sleep will help!