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29 September, 2005

How have we changed? MEME

Okay, as the person who has the blog where meme's come to die, and ones I start just remain and die here ... here is another soon to be dead MEME! How have we changed? I got this idea when reading a girls blog (can't remember her name, as it wasn't one of my normal blogs I read - I have a habit of going for wanders around blogdom some days reading twenty or thirty new blogs). Anywat! (That's my new word - Anywat!) ... Well, Anywat, I was reading this girls profile (because I am eternally curious about the people whose blogs I visit ... so any info in the profile is a kewl thing to read), and I noticed her favourite colour was purple. (Think it was Jessy's blog now that I think about it!) Which reminded me, back when I was a youngster in the early 70's, and Hippy Flowerpower was still a hot thing, I remembered all those PINK, PURPLE, and other bright coloured things with ugly clashing colours like everyone was drugged up beyond belief all the time! Like, we had pasley blue shirts with pink, purple and other colours on it. BRIGHT, EXTROVERTED, I AM HERE, TYPE CLOTHING!!! I hated it! (Being an introvert, you can understand that) Anyway, because of all that stuff, I really started to hate the pink and purple colours which always seemed to be used to clash with the other colours and stuff. It really was an ugly over colourised time to live in. Now a days, I dont' mind pink or purple. I've used some nice purple colours in someof my paintings. Some purples are really nice ... but back then I HATED IT! BLEH! I think I was too young to realise it was the colour combinations, and not the colours themselves that really didn't work. So, I thought about it ... and thought, what other things and tastes in my life have changed? Which leads me into the MEME: How have we changed? Favourite = Favourite or most liked (or least disliked) Hated = Hated or disliked (or least liked)










Blue (or red or white or black)

Purple or Pink

Brown (Esp. Poo brown)


Roast Potatoes


Brussle Sprouts

Brussle Srouts






Ice Cream


Mint Choc Chip



Male Movie Star

John Wayne

Johnny Depp

Dr Smith from Lost in Space

Anyone who can't act

Female Movie Star

Katherine Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Joan Crawford

Anyone who can't act

School Subject



Phys Ed

Phys Ed



Pink Floyd

Black Lace

Black lace


Jaws (Maybe)

Seven Samurai

Wizard of Oz

Any Hollywood crap


Maximillian Mouse

Careful with that Axe Eugene



RULES of the MEME: 1. Steal it and do it. 2. When you steal it, add another subject to the meme which the original owner must add to the meme, and you must also do. (Leave it in comments section). 3.You are not required to do subjects added to the meme after you have stolen it (other than the one you add), but you are required to do the ones added before you steal it. 4. When other's take the meme from you, they can add subjects (see rule 2) which you must add to yours. 5. Have fun. 6. No explainations are required as to why you love or hate something.