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04 October, 2005

Business Plan. Oh, Business Plan!

Another day at my Business Course. Yes, soon I'll have my own show called 'The Apprentice Dabido', where interns at my business compete for a position I can't afford to give them, as their Kookie ideas send my business broke! Hmmm, I'll sell that show to Donald Trump instead I think! Today was Katrina's last day. I am sad for two reasons! First, she is a realllllyyyy cute girl. Second of all, she is off to my beloved Sydney! Waaaah! Katrina is starting a business which looks for properties for people (as opposed to the people trudging around looking at all the properties that Real Estate Agents try to flog them) and matches properties to people. When I am a lot richer, I can see myself using her service. Luckily, she gave me a business card. (Lucky for two reasons - one, I can use her service when I want a place of my own, and second, she mentined she had soem friends who want their office Networked in the near future!) I was very flat today. Yesterday, it was because I was sick. Last night, I used one of my infamous mouth splints - and when I awoke this morning, my sore throat was almost gone! Yep, I believe the throat problem was being caused by my sleep apnea! Good thing I used the splint. Was sad today for another reason! I weighted myself! I've gained THREE Kilograms in the last week! FAT MAN!!! Admittedly, I haven't been doing my hour walk for a while and I've also had some food binges! How embarrassing! (But how yummy! hee hee!) Minishorts has accepted me as a 'guest writer' on her blog. I hope she won't regret it. Actually, I'm not 100% sure which style she wants me to write in. My serious 'You can do anything you set your mind to' - 'Hope this helps', armchair psychiatrist, big brother, aunty Dabido sort of style. (Which I often use for serious comments etc). Or my 'which drugs are you on' - 'Monty Python is too my real dad' - 'On my planet we do things this way' - 'I think I am funny' sort of humourous style. Or maybe something in between. (Actually, I've never really analysed my styles - I think there are two main ones - serious and silly! Well, there is also professional and a few others - but you don't see those ones on the blog much ... oh, 'depressedtothepointofleapingoffatallbuilding' style sometimes shows up, but normally in poetry! 'Oh tall building, how I leap off thee!' Um ... yeah sure!) :-) I sent her a list of things I might blog on ... I'll see which crazy title she'll chose. Really, I just submitted titles I hadn't actually thought through the content of. Fortunately, I am very confidant I can put some substance to those crazy titles. Any she rejects, I might use here on my own blog. Actually, at last count I had seven blogs I think - this is the main one (yeah, I do say that on all of them! They're all the main one!) :-) After saying all that, Minishorts has actually asked many people to be guest bloggers - so it's not like I am special. I've been sooo hungry today! I tried a Zuchini Bake thing from the local 'healthy food' place at Maddington! Actually, it was Katrina's suggestion (and her being a vegetarian too, I trust her). I just had a thought - I wondering if Minshorts is trying to test a 'Blogging Franchise' idea! Everyone buys a 'Minishorts' blog, similar to a MacDonalds or Subway Restaurant - you get the blog, the look and feel of her site, the pictures (Ronald McMinishorts - appears at all blog parties held in any franchised blog), a method of training (do you want fries with that post?) ... then she rakes in the money, and you get the hits you need. People just cuising around the blog sphere looking for a blog will come past and go. 'Oh man! I am like, so craving a McMinishorts Burger post right now! Let's pull into that one!' The audience will know what they're getting, as a resonable price, and the mass marketing means there is always the name recognition! Man, I could so go a McMini right now! Hmmmmm Double Cheeseblogger with the works! YUM!