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03 October, 2005

I should read more of my E-mails ... possibly!

I took a quick screen shot of my Outlook express Folders Side Bar. I was a bit amused today to realise how many e-mails I just couldn't be bothered reading! Rather astounding! I jsut got the ol' trusty calculator out and it's 1592 e-mails I just ignored ... actually, to make matters worse, it's well over double that ... easily well over triple. You see, the 'Jobs' folder is job offers and job site e-mails (Like www.seek.com sending me Network Engineering jobs everyday). I normally wait till it hits ... like 500 or so, and then I just mark a lot of them as read, or just delete the lot. I probably should just go to the sites and get them to stop sending the e-mails. I'll stick that in my list of things to do. The Music one has to do with job offers of a musical nature and also music industry notices I get - the writers folder is writing industry e-mails I get (still receiving them from the Aussie Writers Guild though I've let my membership lapse). Film ... that's film industry e-mails. Japan - that's stuff relating to Japan. I get stuff everyday, and beleive it or not, I read most of it when it arrives. Goodness knows how many READ e-mails are still in that folder. 337 unread - goodness me! Romance, beleive it or not, has little to do with Romance - it probably should be called 'Friendship' as it's more the e-mails I get from MySpace and Friendster and JapanFriend Site etc. UNE is my University studies. Other is just about anything not included in another folder. Finance - is stockmarket stuff - a lot I don't need anymore - have to go to those sites and ask them to stop sending too ... Computer - wow! That's like Slashdot and other places I frequent! I think most of these things will get a good deleting on the weekend! It's better than archiving them. I can't read anything that has been archived! Stupid bloody Microsoft! I'd be running Linux if my ISP would let me!