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28 September, 2005

I Am That Blogger

First up - The FireAngel Fan Club button I made and stuck on my other Blog Site. I wasn't able to load it (or other pictures) here before. But now I can. Will link to the fan site. I wonder where the creator of the fan site will take it. I don't think there is much more that can be done ... or is there? :-) I was going to write a little about this: BLOG COMMENT on slashdot - mainly as the blurb at the beginning makes a lot of assumptions. I was slightly offended by the '15 minutes of fame' remark. Gees! It assumes everythong blogs to be noticed! Talk about not understanding the intricasies of the human psyche and the differences in motives in the four personality types. It sounds like it was written by a typical melancholic who thinks all bloggers are sanguines! Doesn't matter! I guess that's my shortened version - was some other assumptions I won't bother ranting about! I AM THAT BLOGGER! MEME! I might have commented before ... or it might have been in someones comments section. There has been a MEME going around called 'I am that blogger ...' which is like, out there and lots of people have done it. I can't even remember everyone - but I know Minishorts did it, and Kyels did it ... and other's. Lots. I know it's lots, as I lost count of everyone who did it! Anyway, I started to write out in Open Office my 'I am that Blogger ...' stuff, and got to four or five pages when the computer froze and I lost it. (Baka Dabido - it kept asking to auto save, and I kept cancelling! That'll teach me!) After it froze, I switched the computer off, and then wrote another page by hand in my bedroom. I was amazed at how much I had done in my life. The problem was, I could have continued for hours more. It probably could have filled a book - and that wouldn't have included me ransacking my diaries to find more things I'd forgotten. I might have to start my diaries again. My blog doesn't go into anywhere nearly as much detail as my diaries used to. I feel I am loosing a lot of my life by not continuing the diary. Actually, the diary used to take one or two hours of writing each night. Anyway, I decided that maybe it was for the best that the computer died before I could post all those things. Some were too sad (similar to my post the other night about the Teflon suit). Others, you'd wonder what I'd been doing in order to do stuff so stupid. Other's were embarrassing for other reasons. I figured if I included too much, you might even get a bit of an idea about the different threads which make up the Teflon Suit. Tonight, without going into too much detail, I'll include some of the things here. Some will be confessions (let's face it, I'm sometimes honest to the point of pain). Other things I find funny, and other things will be sad. I am the son you didn't want, as I wasn't born a girl. I am the son you used to tell everyone was gay. I am the flatmate, who knocked on your door five times calling your name. When you didn't answer, I walked in to find you with ... um ... your thing in your hand! Sorry. Oh, phone call for you! :-) I am the flatmate who, realising you had slept in again, raced into your room to get you up, only to find your ... um ... I didn't know girls could do that! Um ... sorry! :-) [Yeah, even I didn't think I could do that to a second flatemate!] I am the flatmate who arrived home from work to find you cooking in nothing more than a G-string! Um ... can't blame me for that one! I do live here! :-) I am the son you left on the streets of Sydney. I am the husband who waited all night in the thunderstorm hoping you were coming home! I am the husband you tried to insure for a million dollars, then you tried to suffercate me in my sleep. I am the System Administrator you almost worked to death. I am the flatmate you threatened to kill with a baseball bat, because you didn't like my joke. Then you told everyone it was my fault! I am the patient you prescribed medication to which made my go suicidal. (Twice!) I am the patient you claimed was faking it. I went to another Doctor up the road. He actually examined me, and I had pneunonia. I am the brother you held while I had the crap beaten out of me. I am the friend who broke you and your fiance up ... sorry. I am the friend of your fiance that you kept hitting on! Sorry, I can' t sleep with you! I am the network engineer who stood up to you and stopped thousands of people loosing all their money. My reward was unemployment. I am the fellow student who disarmed you when you pulled a knife on me. I am the brother who knocked you out, because you were lying through your teeth. I am the centreforward on the soccer team that won the Under Eight Premiership. I am the guy your wife wanted to leave you for. (I said "No!" - but you'll never know she wanted to leave, and I'll never tell you!) :-) I am the flatmate you raced in on when I was stark naked in the bathroom! Um ... you slept in again silly girl! :-) I am the flatmate you abandoned when I was vomiting blood. I am the flatmate who arrived home from work to find you topless with another guy ... don't worry, I didn't tell your BF. I am the bass player who walked out on stage with everyone chanting the bands name! It was a great buzz. I am the idiot who told you off when you had done nothing wrong. Sorry. I am the idiot who bought a car without breaks and no traction and drove it into a tree. I am the idiot who drove the same car into an embankment a week later! I am the cyclist you drove over after failing to stop at a giveway sign on. (Which was why I ended up buying a car!) I am the neighbour you blinded with rocks. I am the patient you wanted to amputate the foot off. I am the husband who explained, that kangaroo doesn't have a joey's tail hanging out it's pouch! It's a male Kangaroo! :-) I am the husband who never said a thing, when your friends husband told the story of his wife making the same kangaroo mistake! :-) I am the friend who held your hand after you were run over by a drunk driver. You were already dead. I am the friend who didn't attend your funeral, as no one had told me you'd died till months after. I am the shy guy at school who liked you, but never asked you out. Years later you died of anarexia because you thought no one liked you. I am the musician who exploded at you because you hurt my feelings. (Damn ego!) I am the comedian who walked on stage and forgot all the punch lines! How embarrassing!!! :-) I am the blogger who writes way too much and had better shut up, as I still have more and more and more I could write! :-)