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28 September, 2005

Sick Last Three Days

The last three days (or is it four now?) have been very difficult for me. Not because of what I was talking about in the last post, but because I've been really sick. Actually, it started on Wednesday, or Thursday. I was getting itchiness in my nasal passsages, inner ear and throat. Often a sign that my allergies are being set off. After all, it is spring, and there is pollen in the air. I kept taking Clarinaise tablets. They were ineffective. Saturday, I developed Flu like symptoms. I had so much homework from my business course, that I decided to soldier on, still thinking it might be allergies. Sunday, I knew it was something else. Still having Flu like symptoms, it might have been a bad head cold or something. Left lung was having major problems. Possible pneunomia type thing happening. Lots of pain in the left lung. Monday, it really became REALLY bad. Flu like symptoms were joined by migraine type symptoms. Was like a bad head cold, etc with all yesterday's problems, only now I was throwing up all the time, throat was as sore as can be, my eyes were getting flashes (migraine sufferers will know what I am talking about). The only reason I know it wasn't a migraine, was the headache is what would be considred mild by migraine standards (and probably medium to bad by other sufferers). I also had some major sneezing fits, which saw me use a LOT of handkercheifs up. Dizziness, and I almost fainted a few times. [Plus the depression episode too]. My friend Kat phoned me from Sydney. (She does that often. Just phones to make sure I am okay and everything. I think everyone needs friends like Kat.) We had a big Deep and Meaningful conversation. We were talking about depressions, our ex's and all sorts of things. I mentioned that I was having major doubts about starting the business. I wasn't sure I had what it takes to do it. Kat said to me, 'David. You can do this easily.' 'Really? Why do you say that?' 'Because everyone knows you're brilliant!' WOW! I loved her choice of words. She didn't use, 'Smart', or some of the other adjectives which might surfice. She used brilliant. 'Really? Thanks.' 'David, I knew you were brilliant from the first time I met you. You'll do this easily, and you'll wonder why you ever doubted yourself.' All I could do was thank her. It's probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Anyway, we talked other things, like when was I ever going to go back to Sydney and visit everyone. Eventually, she had to go to bed (being in Sydney), so we said goodbye and stuff. I was still feeling really sick (and did some more vomitting later on, just to make sure my brain knew it too! My brain decided to agree, 'Yes! I was really sick!') :-) I had decided Monday night, I was too sick to go to my course on Tuesday. I was definitely going to one place, and one place only. My Doctor's!!! Tuesday morning I awoke, and it wasn't as bad as it had been. I was still very tired and larthargic. My throat was red raw. I was no longer sneezing or vomiting. I wondered if the worst was over. I was in two minds. Should I go to the Doctor's? Should I go to my course? I kept flip flopping until the last minute. I decided to go to my course! On the way, I had to drop off and buy more medical surplies. I had the cold and flu medication, but was desperate for anything to calm the sore throat. The lecturer saw the strepsils and said, 'David's got a cold'. (One of the few times he has called me David. He often calls me 'Dave', which I really hate being called!) Well, I almost slept threw the first half of the day. After lunch, and more medication, I was feeling a lot better. At lunch, I was relating my reservations about starting the business to one of the guys. I told him how I had spent the weekend wondering if I really should be doing it. Then, I told him what my friend Kat had said about me being brilliant. He agreed. He also told me that from the moment he met me, he thought I had a brillint brain. WOW! I was totally flabergasted! TWICE in TWO days TWO people HAD told ME I WAS BRILLIANT!!!!!! Why is this not common knowledge in the Universe? Do I normally have this affect on people and have NEVER realised it? I know a lot of people think I am smart, or even intelligent. But BRILLIANT! WOW! It certainly made me feel good about myself. Now I live with fear it will go to my head. Anyway, I hope they are both right. I'd like to use the compliment to spur myself on to doing everything I need to do, without becoming arrogant or self righteous. (Maybe talking about it here means it has gone to my head!) Tonight, I still have a headache and some other symptoms, but I beleive (and am hoping) that I will awaken tomorrow feeling my normal 'baka bodoh Dabido self'. If I am lucky, I will be feeling totally brialliant! :-) [Health wise that is] :-)