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05 October, 2005

Another Eventful Day in Bakaland!

Today, was a 'Business marketing Day'. Which means I was supposed to take the day off the course in order to run around chasing companies to use my company and other things. Didn't happen. My mother needed to be driven to one of the local shopping centres. She said she'd be one or two hours ... um ... yeah! Seemed Okay - take her there, be home before Eleven. NOPE! Not on my mother's watch it ain't gonna happen! Took her to the shopping mall. We went looking for a present for my nephew. Bought him some computer games - an Aussie racing car one (with Bathurst and other aussie circuits), as well as a double Buzz Lightyear/Toy Storygame. My mother bought him a DVD of 'Tarzan and Jane' Disney cartoon (follow up to 'Tarzan' which he owns). I also bought 'Red Dwarf III' ... and had a look at clothes (I haven't bought any new clothes for about three years! That's right, I dress as though no body owns me ... because ... well, nobody owns me!) Today, I bought a cheap pair of sneakers! AUD$25. I had a good look around the clothing range as wel.l My mother was looking through the womens section. At first I was standing there, reminiscent of my days being married. Waiting ... waiting ... then I told my mother I'd be in the mens wear section and ran off. Most guys can probably tell stories of their wives / GF / significant other, dragging them into bra shops or whatever. Many a tiem I used to find myself standing there with a handbag in my hand ... waiting .. .waiting ... and some other guy standing there next to me with his handbag. 'Nice handbag,' the joker next to me would say. 'Thanks, I think it matches my shoes,' I'd reply. (And you know what ... it did! mainly as my wife would make sure I was co-ordinated!) :-) Worse, is when the wife has decided on a pair of underpants, or a bra or something, and she hands tme to you while she tries on some other bra. 'Nice bra mate,' they'd say. 'That's nothing, you should see me in my bikini,' I'd reply. Maybe it's Aussie humour. Conversations would always happen like that, or at least similar ones. Well, today, as my mother was ruffling through the ladies wear, I decided, 'This is too much!' I could handle it when I was married. My wife's underwear at least didn't fit a family of four and a three ring circus in it. My mother's stuff was too big. (Actually, my ex-wives stuff might now fit those things. I haven't seen her in seven or more years!) So, I raced off and left my mother to do her rumaging. While looking throuh the mens wear, I thought, when I get my AUD$30,000 in a few weeks (sold my managed funds off), I'm going ot go beserk and BUY BUY BUY ... more underwear, more shirts, some trousers, some jeans, some shorts for the summer, some sandles for the beach ... everything and anything. Up until now, I was just considering a 'Hugo Boss' or 'Armani' suit, along with some nice cologne (maybe Armani - we'll see. Any suggestions?) Well, I want something which smells REALLY nice! Which is why I'm thinking Armani, or one of the expensive colognes. That should be question of the day - girls, cologne wise, what do you LOVE the smell of???? Which suit is better, Armani, or Hugo Boss? I also bought a Terry Pratchet book for myself, 'Going Postal'. I still can't find 'Monsterous Regiment' anywhere, whcih is the book before 'Going Postal'. So I imagine I am going to have to wait a while before reading 'Going Postal'. One of the first things I am going to buy (when I get my AUD$30,000), is a nice little mini-computer to use as a server. I'll host my blog there as well as start sticking some music and stuff on it (for you to download ... don't worry, it'll be my own original songs, so all will be legal). I'll probably stick everything on in Word Press for the blog - and the music and stuff will probably be on a static website, along with some of my other writings and some of my art. I've been meaning to get back into my art. There were some nice big canvases on sale today. I didn't buy any, as I still have some blank canvases sitting around! Actually, where I went today was a very nice shopping centre, and I know there is a lot of nice middle class people in the area - plus some very nice ASIAN GIRLS! (Because I was looking today!) WOO HOO! Mainly Chinese. If my mother wasn't with me today ... I probably would have at least pretended I might have hit on some of them (because, anyone who knows me, knows I don't actualyl hit on girls that often. My technique is 'Run away and hope they chase'. Means I seldom get a GF, but when I do, I at least know they liked me at same time as i liked them!) ;-) On the way home, a car pulled out and almost HIT my car! DARN IT! When I say 'CAR' it was one of those BIG fourwheel drive things, and it had a big trailer on it! It came out across the road, and if I hadn't of swerved to avoid it, I would have been decapitated! My mother was pretty shocked at the @!*#^(@(!!!! driver of the fourwheel drive. A few metres down the road, and a truck did sort of the same thing, but was miles off hitting us. My mother insisted it was almost the same. No where near it! So near miss of the @*&(*@!! four wheel drive - they say luck comes in three - bad luck and good luck! That was NEAR MISS ONE! My mother counted the truck as near miss two .. but it wasn't near at all. Later, I had to drive my mother to my sisters to look after her kids for two hours. It was suddenly POURING RAIN! (Which is funny - same day forecast was 'clearing and becoming fine') The streets filled with water, and I wa a bit disappointed when I wasn't able to splash some guy walking along in the rain ... okay, I could have splashed him, but I was too kind. I just made a joke about doing it to my mother. We were approaching my sisters place and drove past a lake near her home. My mother was saying how nice the lake was, when SUDDENY a DUCK flew out in front of us, just missing the windscreen. (Wish I had a camera mounted on the front of my car!) Well, you know, was raining so hard, they say it is NICE WEATHER FOR DUCKS! WELL IT IS!!!! NEAR MISS TWO - F***IN DUCK!!!! (Yes, is does rhyme!) :-) You can imagine the jokes I todl to my mother - about ducking to avoid a duck! 'Look DUCK!' - 'I AM DUCKING' - 'NO DUCK!' - 'WHY? OW, I JUST GOT HIT BY A DUCK' .... um, okay, maybe you needed to be there to hear my silly voices as I told it! :-) Dropped my mother off - went home. Two hours later had to pick her up again ... out in the wild wooly weather, over to my sisters! On the way home, my mother decided she wanted chips for dinner. So we went and got some chips. I was sitting there with my foot outside the door of my car - door open, when a women decided, that out of all the empty car spaces (and there were plenty), she had to park in the one next to mine. So she pulled in ... and I was ony just able to shut the door in time ... but as my leg was outside the car (I didn't have time to pull it in), the door wouldn't shut ... the stupid f***in woman driver missed my door by millimetres! YES! NOT INCHES! NOT CENTIMETRES! - IT WAS MILLIMETRES! In fact, I was sure her car was going to hit my door, and I was in no position to stop it, as I had already placed the door hard up against my leg and couldn't pull my leg in any further. NEAR MISS NUMBER THREE - STUPID IMPATIENT WOMAN DRIVER WHO COULDN'T WAIT FOR ME TO GET MY LEG INSIDE THE CAR IN ORDER TO SHUT MY DOOR!!!! I was pretty p***ed off at her. Hope that was my near misses gotten rid of for now! Oh ... I also have done a price comparison for all the Subway - Vegie delite eaters out there. Today I bought the ingredients for six foot long vegie delights. (Okay, I ate two footlongs for lunch - my hunger continues and my waistline is expanding MORE!) Cost was AUD$21.13 today - admitedly, most of these ingredients will go off. Price of same from subway - AUD$34.50. Saving of AUD$13.37. Of course, the ingredients won't be as fresh after a few days. BUT, if you are having a small group of you go to subway, or make stuff at home, will be worth while just getting the stuff from the local supermarket and having a picnic. (If the last few 'subs' go off in the next few days - then we might have to reduce the comparison to six lots of ingredients versus cost of four foot longs or something!) Anyway, was yummy and I had my jalapeno's on it - which I like burning the living daylights out of my mouth with! lol