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07 September, 2005

Stoooopid Hospital Update

Have now picked my mother up from the hospital. They phoned and told me to pick her up ... which I did! (I am clever like that!) :-) Drove to the hospital ... went to park and found I was pulling into a reserved parking space (for elderly people ... darn, I'm not old enough ... yet!) Some Doctor had pulled in right behind me, and wouldn't let me reverse out of the spot! So I waited till he drove off to the Doctor's parking spots. Then I reversed out and drove around to another parking spot. I saw someone about to leave ... so I waited ... and waited ... and waited ... the idiot was waiting for me to drive on, but I wanted his spot! Eventually, he realised what I was waiting for, and he reversed out and left. (He had enough room to reverse out, land a jumbo jet and cook a whale! Not like I was crowding him or anything!) So I got the spot. It was raining, so I brought my mother's umbrella with me. I put it up, and noticed I was still getting wet! Um ... oh ... er ... then I realised, I hadn't stuck it all the way up! I must have looked like bodoh baka Dabido walking along with an umbrella half expanded! I went up to the day surgury ward, and asked where my mother was. I was told to go through the doors and to the right. So I did! I then asked a nurse where my mother was. She grabbed a list of names, and started looking through it. 'I'm sorry to scare you,' she started, 'but we have nobody by that name here.' 'Yeah! I dropped her off this morning, and I was just phoned to come pick her up.' 'No! There isn't anyone in this ward by that name. You must have the wrong ward.' 'No, I dropped her off at this ward.' She then asked another nurse ... who didn't know my mother either. Then, another nurse walked in the ward, and they asked him. 'Oh Jeanette! Yeah, she's in the discharge waiting room,' he said. 'Oh, that Jeanette!' chimed in the second nurse. The first nurse then took me through some doors to the discharge waiting room. We then left the hospital. My mother's umbrella was only large enough for one of us to fit under, so we walked back to the car. Me, holding her umbrella over her head while getting wet. On the way home, my mother was talking excitedly about how scared she'd been, but how it was a complete difference to the last time she'd beeen in hospital. She said it wasn't bad at all. I suggested I take her sky diving to get her over any of her other fears ... she wasn't amused! :-) All the way home she talked about the experience ... mainly how they knocked her out, then she dreamed, then she woke up! She was a bit upset that she didn't get to finish her dream. (Unlike one time I went in and I woke up was too soon. The nurse told me to lie back down, as my blood pressure was too low for me to even be conscious! heehee! Naughty Dabido being awake when it's not medically possible!) I'd received a call from work. Their computer was playing up a bit (kept freezing). They wanted me to fix it. I gave them two things to do - 1. Reboot it, and 2. run anti-virus software on it over night. I'll have a look at it tomorrow when I am in. They assure me that I am an absolute PC wizard. I keep telling them, I'm not, I'm a network engineer! PC's! Pttthhh! Give me a router or switch to play with! Screw these silly PC's! I'm sure the ten PC's I have to set up won't be there tomorrow too! Not sure what they will want me to do when I do get in either. Can't be too much for me to do! Anyway, if I get my business up and running, in future I'll be able to charge them when they phone me all the time! hee hee! They migt not be happy about it ... but I will have a business to run! :-) I better take a good look at what contractors charge in order to see what I will be able to charge for this business! Hee Hee! Time to start putting a business plan together. (And maybe shopping around for resources etc)