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01 September, 2005

No Exercise makes me instantly fat!

Was rather exhausted yesterday for some reason. Did no exercise what-so-ever! No yoga, no weights, no one hour walk! I am soooo fat! Well, was under the weather a bit. Allergies playing up, and feeling depressed! Had an interview in the afternoon. No idea why they wanted to look at me! Was a server admin type role! I'm not a server admin type person! There was a little firewall, networking in the role, but not much. I must be the most underqualified person they were looking at! Well, worst fit! Always good practice to goto the interview anyway. I received a letter from the Aussie Writers guild president asking me not to leave the writers guild. As I am most likely heading off to the UK, I doubt I have a reason to remain a member. Had an interesting day at work today. The Work For The Dole guy (Rob) turned up (which was miraculous event in itself, as he normally never shows). He was shown where to paint. I was asked to help him lift the BIG TV set down, so he could paint behind it. After he got all the paint out, he came and informed us that he couldn't paint as he'd hurt his neck on the weekend. So Kylie gave him some vaccuuming to do (the Gymnastics Gym). About fifteen minutes to half an hour later, Rebecca asked where he was, as it was awfully quiet! So Kylie went in seach of him ... and couldn't find him. So she asked me to go into the Men's room and the men's change room to see if he was hiding in there! I couldn't find him! Kylie and I then searched the entire premises! Nope! No sign of him what-so-ever! He'd disappeared into thin air! (Or buggered off, as we'd say in Australia!) In order to work for us, this guy needed police clearance! I dont' know how he acheived it, as he alway sseems to be high on something! Either that or his not all there in the head (which could also be true. My money is on marjauna abuse!). He never looks at you when you speak to him, and he is always vacant! I left at 12:30 pm to take my mother to the hospital! She is now going in for an operation next Wednesday, so I have the pleasure of driving her in then. On the way to the hospital, we drove past a LOT of police vehicles and the channel Ten News crew! Some young boy has gone missing and there is a huge search on for him. They found what they believe is his school clothes. I'd place my money on either murder or kidnapping. It's highly unlikely that he's just run away and left his clothes behind. I bought a set of strings for my accustic guitar yesterday! AUD $20!!!! Far OUT! When did strings become so expensive! I was expecting the $15 or $16 mark! Maybe even $17! Geees! Why why why! They're not making them out of petrolium!!!! As you may have noticed, I blogged in Malaysian yesterday to help my Malay friends celebrate Malaysia's National Day. No one has corrected my Malay yet ... so hoepfully it was pretty much correct (and if you can speak Malay ... then please have a look and tell me what I got wrong. That way I can improve my Bahasa Melayu!) :-) Today I am blogging in English to help celebrate the fact that it is a normal day! :-) Myabe I need to blog in Japanese again one day, just to help with my Nihongo (Japanese Language) :-) Oh well ... not much else to do today! Tomorrow I will be going in late (1PM) to help with the Blue Light Disco (Police run Disco for primary school kids!) They can always do with a hand ... someone like myself cooking the chips and serving the drinks! Any excuse for the parents to dump their kids on someone else for a few hours! :-) One good thing which has come out of my mother's illness, is my sister won't be dumping her kids on my mother as much. She's placed them in daycare on Wednesday (when my mother had them all day long). My mother will still be getting the youngest one on Friday mornings now, and I guess we'll be having them on the weekends again too! (But I assume not till after the operation!)