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06 September, 2005

Big Day Coming Up

Tomorrow, I am off to talk to some people about starting my own IT business. Just preliminary talks at present. Not sure if it will result in anything happening. Anyway, I have to be up at 6am to drive my mother to hospital. She's having an operation (as per previous posts mentioning it). She's very scared! I don't know why. It shouldn't be too bad. I get to phone the hospital at 1pm to see if she's alright to come home. She was a bit upset today, as the hospital was supposed to phone either yesterday or today. They didn't! She feels like she's been forgotten! I started off the morning with one of my usual one hour walks ... only it started raining, so I came in to walk around the lounge room. Then my mother was trying to make me stop and listen to her, only she had nothing to say. It stopped raining, so I went outside again to walk. Then, it started to come down hard! Stupid rain! On top of that, one of the dogs keeps pooing where I walk! Maybe he's trying to give me a hint. I usually walk around with the rake and get all the dog doo off the lawn before I start walking, but Toby (the dog) keeps doing his business on my walking track! Today, I actually broke my sneakers too! They're pretty worn out in the sole, but today, the laces broke through the shoe rendering the shoelace holes useless towards the top! Not just one hole, but the top two! These shoes are probably due to be chucked out. On top of that, I've developed a large blister on my foot. I've been ignoring it for a week in the hope that it will go away. It hasn't, it's got a little worse! I might have to pop it and stick a band-aid on it. Anyway, after my post last night, I decided to try for the 'Macro Option' ... ie try to do everything on my list! First up, starting the IT business (and getting my certification etc). Last ditch effort to remain in Perth with my family! Second, finish one of my novels. Funny, my mother brought this up with me today too! She was watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabahn (or what ever it's called) and asked me about J Rowlands (the author). Then she asked why I haven't finished a novel lately! I told her, I'm writing them still, just I have half a dozen of them, and I do a little work here and there on them when I find the time! Time is something I have little of. Third, record that album. (Yes, this is something I've never been able to finish! Though I've been published, been in IT, and done heaps of other things, I still haven't released an album ... something I've been trying to do since ... well, for the last twenty odd years!) Fourth, get some of my art finished! Fifth, provided I can get enough money together, I'll try to make another film. Maybe I need to write a short film and do that. Easier to get enough funds together to do that! Pity I have a habit of writing feature films! I spent a lot of today working on my planning. Time to plan at present. Soon, it will be time to do. Now, it's time to go to bed I think so I am refreshed for tomorrow! :-)