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02 September, 2005

Disco Dance Party

As I blogged yesterday, tonight was the Blue Light Disco - a Disco run by the police for primary school kids. Got up this morning - in fact was awoken by a guy phoning from Sydney who wanted to offer me a job ... in Sydney! FRIGGIN' ... I don't live in Sydney! I moved to PERTH!!!!!! I had to turn the guy down! Why do I get job offers from all over the friggin' country, but I can't even get arrested in Perth!!! I wonder how friggin' dumb they are here. I go for interviews, and tey make comments like, "With your experience, I'm surprised you aren't working in IT already in Perth!" WELL SO AM I YOU FRIGGIN' STUPID IT PERTH IT PEOPLE! Doesn't matter - I am either off to the UK very soon, or will start my own Network/Security company! Still trying to decide how to spend my hard earned cash! Anyway, I went back to bed (as the call was like 7:50 AM). Got up an hour later and spent an hour walking. Then did some weights and yoga. Then at 1 PM off to work. Well, nothing difficult to do today. Updated the activities program, did some computer stuff, helped everyone a little. I talked to Chas, as he wants me to run compuer training there. Well, if I am still in Perth at the time they run it, he wants me to run it. I might be off to the UK by then! Then time for the Blue Light Disco! About fifty primary school kids. I decided to cook the chips to begin. Stuck them in the deep frier ... and to my horror, the oil started to boil and bubble up ... and over the sides ... and onto the floor ... and all over everything! OMG!!!!! Boiling oil everywhere! I was STANDING IN IT! I quickly took tyhe chips out of the deep frier ... but the kids were queuing up wanting to be servered! Chas grabbed the bucket and mop and said he'd take care of the mess. (PHEW) I was the only person in the KITCHEN! So, off I went to serve the kids ... Me: What would you like? Kid: Hot chips. Me: Um, sorry, we've had a small accident, chips won't be getting cooked for ten minutes. Kid: But the other guy said you are already cooking them. Me: Yeah, but we've had an accident. We have to start cooking thme again later. Kid: But I want hot chips. Me: Sorry, you;ll have to have something else. Kid: How much are the killer pythons? Me: Um ... uh ... let me find out. [The killer pythons didn't have a price written on them!] Almost every kid was after hot chips at that stage of the night! Luckily, after Chas finished mopping up the oil, another lady came in and started cooking the chips. The oil must have melted the souls of my shoes a bit, as they were pretty sticky for a short while. About an hour into the disco, another volunteer came and took over the canteen for me. That was good, as I was required to take photo's of the disco for the PCYC newsletter. I took a lot of photo's and even tried to capture soem movie footage. Alas, it was too dark, and you can see flashes of colour as the moving spotlight hit different kids. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and rather than dancing, the main event seemed to be chasey around the hall. Kids running beserk everywhere! We got them to play a few games, and they won prizes and stuff. I took some photo's whiile they were limboing, even though I was holding one end of the limbo stick. I was just holding the camera out and taking photos without being able to see what was in the view finder. Some of the shots looked quite good. Wish I could load some of them up here ... but I don't have access to the photos (they're at work). Besides, I doubt any of you would be interested in dancing/limboing primary school kids. At the same time as the disco, one of the preliminary finals was on TV - Eagles (my mother's team), versus Sydney (my ex-fathers team). A lot of the kids were sitting in the foyer area watching it (as we had the TV on for the Eagle fans who work there). It looked like the Eagles were loosing, but not by much! Sydney were oftena few goals in front. [Yes, I am talking Aussies Rules! Like most of you readers, I don't follow the game ... just everyone around me does! Like my mother!] Every now and then, I'd have to move all the kids back into the hall for a prize draw, or a game or something. Well, towards the end of the night, I went into th emens roomto ensure all the kids were in the hall. There was no one in there. I came out, and realised I had a camera in my hand! Um ... that must look friggin' weird ... a guy walking out of the toilet with a camera! What would he have been taking a photo of? Baka Dabido! Should have left the camera with someone. Anyway, all the kids seemed to have a great time. Was glad to finally get out of there and come home. Saw the last ten minuts of the game! The Eagles were still trailing ... then BANG a goal, they were in the lead ... thne BANG another goal! Woo Hoo! Five minutes left! BANG! Sydney scored a goal ... four points the difference. My mother and brother were going wild! The Eagles eventually won! Woo Hoo! My mother and brother were happy! It was a close game! They get next week off (WOO HOO! I don't have to put up with Aussie Rules next weekend!) My mother and brother started to watch Spiderman (the Toby McGuire Movie) and I got on the internet! Then, they both went to bed ... and I am falling asleep here! :-)